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Staff Holiday Planning Headaches

You dread staff knocking on the door or seeing emails requesting time off. We understand. And we know you’d rather be on that beach sunning yourself too. Hmm, imagine that for a second.

You wouldn’t be alone. We’re amazed on a daily basis how many organisations of all sizes are still using excel templates to plan their staff holidays and time off.

We can only imagine the amount of time and money resources that are wasted trying to plan who’s off and who’s at work during busy periods.

An organisation’s leave planner system and policy can be one of the most challenging, contentious and frustrating parts of human resources management.


Visual staff time off calendar

How about an easy-to-view calendar (that also shows in iCal formats such as google calendar, Apple/Mac and outlook) showing who’s booked time off?

Screenshot of HRLocker's Who's Off calculator

And a policy document you distribute with all the rules about who can or cannot be off – and when – so any understaffing overlaps are avoided before you even see a request?

That would give you a chance to plan cover and book stand-in staff ahead, also saving you more money.


Hell. You’d be able to easily plan when to slip away on a road trip yourself.

Keep dreaming. Perhaps you’d like to have a simple message with approve/deny options to requests? And a list with a nice overview of pending and approved requests?

Is that all asking too much?

Imagine how much time it would save you.


Don’t guess your ROI – calculate it

Well, there’s no need to speculate since we built a calculator to help you work out how much time it would save yourself – let alone your team putting in requests.

cocktail on beach for staff holiday planning blog post

Visualising another cold drink on that beach now?

We can help with all – except the beach and the cocktail.

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