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What is the Best HR Software?

Certain systems fit some companies better than others. But there are some underlying principles to consider as you weigh up what solution’s best for you.

Here are some points we think to differentiate between a good system and a great system.


What Makes The Best HR Software?

We believe that the best HR software:

  • Is simple to use, and easy to navigate. Workflows should be distilled and purified rather than dumbed down. Uncluttered processes fit the widest range of company cultures and policies from draconian, micromanaging environments to enabling maximum output and trust from modern flexi-time policies and remote teams.
  • Is based on Best practice, or, even better, ‘Next Practise‘ principles for the workplace of the future. Work/life balance, freedom and trust will be the foundational principles of future work, regardless of technology. Why? Because the most skilled workers are already demanding that – and the best talent equals success
  • Is built by or in very close conjunction with HR professionals from all sides of the fence (recruitment, consultancy, admin, proactive in Next Practise thinking, and managers seeing HR as a Business Process not ‘people problems’.) To get ‘the best HR software‘ this is critical, as developing a system to enter a massive marketplace with some token consultancy from ‘domain experts’ just isn’t enough
  • Should deliver automation that allows you to unlock your team’s potential and productivity. Who wouldn’t enable their teams to be free to do their best work?
  • Has a strong emphasis on employee self-service and shared responsibility for data integrity and training needs
  • Takes care of Compliance responsibilities, but isn’t built purely with dodging litigation in mind – or sold with the fear of such consequences
  • Is delivered  – and hosted securely – via the cloud on any device without restrictions or compatibility issues or restrictions
  • Serves updates and extensions inclusive of the price plan
  • Does not need to be operated by HR alone and can be deployed painlessly and rapidly by any individual or horizontal function
  • Is ‘run over by a bus proof‘. A system should be transparent and easy to pick up by new team members and not something closely guarded by HR to protect their function
  • Logs actions and records and values and reports on them easily and rapidly. Data at your fingertips is critical without needing complicated slicing and dicing
  • Enables proactive lifelong learning and career development by giving a visible analysis of developmental needs by monitoring training gaps
  • Gives peace of mind over calculations for entitlements
  • Works end-to-end from creating a job spec through the recruitment pipeline to onboarding and documenting the entire time a team member spends with an organisation – and beyond for record-keeping purposes
  • Suits any size of organisation from small businesses, agile, growing teams through to the most forward-thinking enterprise-level firms.
  • Has scalable pricing and features models that fit with growth and expansion
  • Keep to their word with strong backup and levels of human‘ support
  • Ultimately makes a massive contribution to making the workplace a better place to be for all
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