Meet the Management Team

Meet the people that help create, develop and deliver award-winning HR Software

Adam Coleman
Chief Executive Officer
Adam has assisted clients in developing and implementing best in class HRIS solutions.  Prior to setting up HRLocker, Adam held Senior HR Positions in both O2 UK and O2 Ireland and was head of HR for Esat Digifone. He places a strong emphasis on work culture and places productivity and adult development at the centre of the HRLocker strategy.
Crystel Robbins Rynne
Chief Operating Officer
Crystel's role as Chief Operating Officer is centred around growth and overseeing the day-to-day operations of HRLocker. As part of the leadership team, she has helped HRLocker to achieve its revenue goals year on year. She brings over 14 years of experience in sales, marketing, customer success and business development.
Michael Flanagan
Chief Technology Officer
Mike's role as CTO is to manage and plan all future developments with the HRLocker platform. Tasked with keeping our remote and onsite teams connected and on track, Mike enjoys providing our customers with solutions and is focused on the ongoing growth of the HRLocker product suite.
Jennifer Dempsey
HR Director
Jennifer brings a sense of equilibrium to our Company. Jen gets the best out of people and takes a light touch HR approach that allows people to innovate. Jen is particularly passionate about working with people with disabilities, making sure that they realise their potential.
Richard Finn
Commercial Director
Richard has over 30 years experience of in international business and has extensive experience in Senior Management roles with US Multinationals – both in Ireland and the USA. Richard is passionate about Business and Personal Financial Management.
Ellie Cronin
Head of Business & Partnerships
Ellie has 21 yrs experience at the corporate management level, offering HRM in business support, providing organisational design and management. Ellie heads up the HRLocker Northern Ireland office and manages our partnership programme in HRLocker.
Jenny Martin
Marketing Manager
Jenny manages the marketing, communications and lead generation function within HRLocker and is in charge of the marketing roadmap & strategy. She works closely with our management team to keep our messaging on point. Unapologetically customer-centric, she works on finding the sweet spot where customer needs and business goals align.
Sinead Connole
Customer Success Manager
Sinead leads our account management team and is key to the success of our customers. Sinead has a dedicated attitude and her strengths lie in her ability to develop relationships and solutions for clients. She has an in-depth understanding of our customer's needs and is responsible for communicating common customer behaviours to the sales, marketing, and product teams.
Bláth Kenneally
Finance Manager
Bláth has job title that makes it sound like she has been tasked with doing all the boring stuff like chasing accounts and paying people. But she also gets to do exciting things like participating in International High Finance, seeing through Big Deals and making sure HRLocker is working and functioning in a statutory and compliant manner.
Lisa Comerford
Test Manager
Lisa is responsible for the planning, coordination, and control of various test activities within the HRLocker platform. She has over 18 years of software engineering experience in the build development, maintenance, testing and SCM management of commercial products. She is in charge of testing mission-critical projects and manages our test team.

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