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HIRE is our end-to-end Recruitment Management Software Application or Applicant Tracking System (ATS) that is fully integrated with HRLocker.  You can manage your entire recruitment process in one central, GDPR-friendly location. HIRE will allow you to create jobs and available roles that you can post to various jobs boards and social media platforms.

HIRE enables you to create your own custom jobs in your own custom style and company branding guidelines. Get your message across to applicants so that you can find the best job candidates. Potential staff will find your jobs online and apply for their ideal positions. This candidate data will then feed into HIRE automatically so that you can eradicate email applications and submissions.

You can add extra forms, job requirements and add job descriptions easily. Once you are ready, you can then integrate your website with HIRE. This will enable you to display your open roles on your company website career page. Allow as many users as you like so that your talent acquisition team and hiring managers can work and collaborate on your hiring.

Bring candidates through your hiring process. HIRE is a fully customizable hiring and onboarding software that enables you to screen, interview, offer, onbvoard and even reject candidates. Email automation can be enabled in HIRE so that you don't have to copy and paste responses over and over.

You can even carry out job interviews inside HIRE. No need to spend time and effort setting up online meetings, find your best new team members easy and seamlessly through HIRE.


Create jobs & post to boards and social media platforms

Create your own custom jobs in your own custom stle. Get your message across to applicant to hire the best fits for you!

  • Create & Design Open Positions
  • Post to free & paid jobs boards
  • Add extra forms
  • Post to social media (LinkedIn, Facebook & Twitter)
  • Automatic posting on your website
  • Allow multiple Hiring Managers to collaborate

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Receive applications & build your candidate database

Eliminate disorganized applications & keep your candidate database organized

  • Receive, screen, sort and rapidly shortlist applicants avoiding email applications
  • Centralize all candidate information
  • View CV’s, Cover Letters & LinkedIn profiles all in one place
  • Qualify Candidates with tags, ratings and leave notes
  • Work collaborately on rejections, screening & interview invitations

Bring candidates through your hiring process

We are all about customization and enabling you to do things your way

  • Tag stages for all candidates (screening, interviewing, unsuccessful, hired)
  • Write internal notes on each candidate page to streamline communication
  • Email candidates directly from HIRE
  • Track recent activity inside each candidate area
  • Trigger customized emails to candidates based on their stage in your process

Video interview candidates remotely

We are remote first, and we want to enable our clients to do the same. You can now carry out and record all of your interviews inside HIRE

  • Don’t let working remotely stand in the way of your hiring
  • It’s time to scale! Interview & attach your interviews to candidates
  • Enable other stakeholders & hiring managers access to watch interviews

Hire the best people and grow your team the best way possible

By enabling your hiring process to work more efficiently and speedily, you will be able to onboard the highest quality candidates before they get snapped up by your competitors

  • Send offers quickly from inside the system
  • Keep candidates on file for other positions that may arise
  • Link candidates to other jobs if they are best suited elsewhere

Onboard directly into HRLocker to absorb new starters into your culture

By enabling your hiring process to work more efficiently and speedily, you will be able to onboard the highest quality candidates before they get snapped up by your competitors

  • Once hired, zap candidates into employees in 2 clicks!
  • New employees will then begin to receive your onboarding plan set up in your HRLocker account
  • Automate onboarding easily!

Full internal & external referrals

Your next great hire is usually hiding away somewhere in your extended network! HIRE enables your team (and also external recruiters that you work with) to refer candidates for your open roles.

  • Easily work with external recruiters and talent acquisition partners
  • Allow your team to link their social media profiles to HIRE so you can see who refers the best candidates
  • Run reward programs for your team to bring in the best new team members!

Hiring reports to learn where you excel in your onboarding process

HIRE contains a full reporting suite that will ensure you know where your candidates are coming from, how fast and efficiently they are moving through your hiring process and allow you to monitor your hiring campaigns.

  • Report on job applications, process timings and source funnels
  • Yield interesting results – are your paid jobs boards bringing you less return than free boards or social media? Save time and money
  • Pull long term reports to really pinpoint where hiring success lives for you!

Learn more now but scheduling a demo and trialing Hire

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