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Timesheet Software – Why You Need It

Timesheet software allows employees to record hours they’ve worked on a weekly basis and have them swiftly approved by a manager without the need for chasing up.

A ‘Clocking In and Out‘ function that timestamps when staff started and finished work and records break durations is also useful and eliminates abuse of the system.

With some systems, you can even restrict certain staff to specific IP addresses. (No more clocking in from the bus when late!)


Timesheet software isn’t just for control freaks!

Of course, not all organisations like to be so controlling over their team. But in some countries, such as Ireland, there’s an obligation to record working hours.

Plus timesheets can be useful for both employees and managers in companies that allow remote working.

An easy-to-use system allows that to be done with minimal hassle.

Using timesheet software frees up time for managers – especially in small businesses – that are dealing with confusing, disparate spreadsheets prone to error and version control mistakes.

A reliable system gives peace of mind to everyone by eliminating errors caused by clunky, outdated spreadsheet templates.


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HRLocker also has a comprehensive Project Hours module that assigns projects to specific workers and can compare hours worked with specific projects to see the split of time spent on certain profit/cost centres.

This is especially useful for those looking to export billable hours or simply to monitor efficiency.

The self-service element of solutions like these save managers heaps of time as they simply receive notifications to approve or reject the timesheet.

They can then see a list of un-submitted sheets and only need to take action on chasing up the missing ones.

Full reporting export functionality allows user data to be analysed and used to increase efficiency.

timesheet software is only one aspect of systems like this.


There are whole other advantages to online solutions like this that allow complete HR management in the cloud for aspects such as Absence Management, training management, recruitment, document distribution and much more.

Timesheet software also saves considerable space used by storage of dated paper or spreadsheet processes and delivers instant access from the cloud when required. Perfect for teams in multiple locations.

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