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How to Improve Your Employees Work-Life Balance?

Work and the workplace are undergoing a huge change, giving lots more options to employers, when they wish to hire – and to employees on what type of companies they choose to join.

From an employer standpoint, you no longer need fancy, expensive headquarters in the latest, coolest (highest rent) part of the city. With the advent of cloud computing, many employers can choose to relocate to way more remote locations that, in many cases, bring down the cost of living for their employees. And often improves the quality of life an employee can expect.


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How to Improve Your Employees Work-Life Balance? Remote Working is the Answer

If you take HRLocker as an example, we’re headquartered in Lahinch, a small town on the west coast of Ireland. Many of HRLocker’s employees work from home, attending the office for team meetings and get-togethers. This has allowed us to make savings on the size of our office space required, but also to give employees the added advantage of working from home, or wherever they choose. And with plentiful local amenities such as national parks, stunning beaches etc., the potential for a rich work/life balance is the prize. Some would say it’s the best of both worlds.

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The staff here plan their day around the tide and step out for an hour or two to go surfing, or perhaps to walk their dog on the seafront.

Many of our client’s employees do the same and can use our Smart Clock-In/Out and Project Management feature to help stay focused on all up-and-running tasks, deliverables and hours worked.

Meeting colleagues weekly is very important to us. Mondays are largely set aside for departmental and team meetings, hailing the successes of the week just past and committing to three key goals to have achieved by the end of the week. Where and how the teamwork for the rest of the week is up to them.

The flexible approach to working 100% encourages staff to be more responsible for their work and actions. And here we tie everything back to our four essential behaviours when it comes to managing performance.

  1. Flexibility/agile (approach to work)
  2. Initiative and delivery
  3. Teamwork
  4. Business Integrity


Tracking how we work back to these behaviours has proven invaluable to us. We recruit, manage, reward and promote using these behaviours. This leads to a great culture, but buy-in from all is essential.

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