Our Values

Changing work through Principles. It’s not just business. It’s where & how we work & live. It’s about Adult Development and lifelong learning. It’s about maintaining an open transparent meritocracy. It’s about where we are, where we’re going and being the best we can be.

Our Vision

At HRLocker our business and personal success is measured through our company principles.
We make these principles public to our clients, partner’s, co-workers, and everyone who is part of the HRLocker eco-system. Everyone is evaluated against these principles.

We recruit, act, manage, perform, and reward against these principles – this helps us govern our open transparent meritocracy at HRLocker
These Principles are used in selecting, managing, and rewarding employees, managers, shareholders, customers and any partner individual or organisation involved in the HRLocker Ecosystem.

The same principles apply to everyone and apply to both remote, office-based and hybrid collaborators #workisnolongeraplace.

We put adult development at the centre of our strategy (DDO). We will continue to adopt further principles that will allow us to scale and develop the business and allow us to become the best we can be.
Motivational fit factors always play a part in our company, but the company and the success of HRLocker will always come first. Motivational fit factors are particularly important as we continue to build out a distributed workforce, as our style of working will not suit everyone.

Our Values
Our Values

HRLocker as an Exponential Organisation

ExO’s are a new class of business focused on making a positive impact instead of just making money. ExO’s have a Massive Transformative Purpose (MTP) and ten organizational attributes in common. They are 5 internal and 5 external characteristics.

Five external characteristics:

  • Staff on Demand
  • Community and Crowd
  • Leveraged Assets
  • Algorithms
  • Engagement

(Which shrinks to the acronym SCALE)

Five Internal mechanisms:

  • Interfaces
  • Dashboards
  • Experimentation
  • Autonomy
  • Social Technologies

(Which shrink to the acronym IDEAS)

These three components, MTP, SCALE and IDEAS make up an ExO.


(Massive Transformative Purpose)

An MTP is a key component of every Exponential Organisation (ExO). An MTP is not to be confused with a mission statement. An MTP is what we strive to be and is always an ongoing internal exercise. We use our MTP to craft our focus from internal to positive external impacts for our customers.

“Making life and work easier for both Employees and Employers, allowing Employees to manage their careers in Company …and beyond”

HRLocker MTP

Our Values

Our Principles

What we want to embody in our actions


Maintaining effectiveness in varying environments and with different tasks, responsibilities, and people. Constantly seeking new and better ways of working and becoming more efficient and simplistic.

What good looks like:

  • Always take a flexible or Agile approach to work.
  • Adjusts behaviour to others’ styles to make things work best and efficient.
  • Changes priorities to meet the changing demands of our business and clients.
  • Adjusts quickly to new responsibilities and tasks take, an obvious-minded approach to work.


Definition: Work effectively with others both inside and outside your natural team to accomplish organisational goals; establish and maintain good working relations. Take actions that respect the needs and the success of HRLocker and contribution of others; put HRLocker’s objectives in front of your own personal objectives to ensure team success.

What good looks like:

  • Establish & build good interpersonal relationships, do not keep secrets re: work, involves people to ensure success, discloses when appropriate, supports, and listens to others.
  • Put HRLocker goals ahead of individual or own goals.
  • Volunteer assistance. Offer to help others achieve mutual goals
  • Ask for help and encourage involvement; Share thoughts, feelings & rationale, exchanges information freely to ensure no surprises
  • Build & develop your own & others’ ideas; support company decisions when appropriate even if they conflict with their own.
  • Is not afraid to ask for help; not hiding issues gets them sorted.
  • Clarify situations & facilitate agreements when needed.

Initiative & Execution

Taking prompt action to achieve objectives, making active attempts to influence events to achieve goals; self-starting rather than accepting passively; taking action to achieve goals beyond whats required; being proactive.

What good looks like:

  • Take immediate action when confronted with a problem or when made aware of a situation.
  • Implement innovative ideas & solutions without prompting; don’t wait for others. Takes action that goes beyond job requirements to achieve company objectives
  • Take other team members into consideration.
  • Generate ideas for improvement to processes and work practices.
  • Solve problems without being asked.
  • Take advantage of opportunities for self-improvement when presented, taking company direction into consideration.

Business Integrity

Definition: Maintaining and promoting social, business, ethical and organisational norms in conducting internal and external business activities.

What good looks like:

  • Share complete and accurate information with colleagues.
  • Fairly represent your abilities and the organisation’s capabilities.
  • Maintain confidentiality.
  • Adhere to HRLocker policies and procedures.
  • Meet personal and business commitments and promises - Under promise, over deliver...

Trust and Truth

Have trust in the Company’s actions, all actions that are taken by the Company have the success of the Company, its employees, and its stakeholders at the core of its decisions. Be always truthful to the Company.

What good looks like:

  • Be honest about your capabilities and your limitations, be honest to yourself and have trust in your colleagues about your vulnerabilities.
  • Know what you know and more importantly know (admit) what you do not know.
  • Respect people’s vulnerabilities in your actions.
  • Show respect to all by not talking behind people’s back.
  • Show respect to everyone in the organisation regardless of their position.
  • Support encourages innovative ideas; no ideas are stupid!
  • We are all in it together. We should have trust in each other and the actions of the Company.
  • Be happy at work and what you do at work. #happyworking


Definition : We are an open transparent meritocracy.  As a HRLocker employee,  you have a duty to the Company and yourself to own your job. Your development, performance and relationships will lead to personal and Company success. You should always be at the edge of your learning and capability. You should be constantly honing your skills and using the Company’s “habits” and “grooves” to develop and update your knowledge in these changing times.   

What good looks like: 

  • Challenge your own and the Company’s assumptions 
  • Constantly ask for feedback on you what you are doing and the way you are doing things 
  • Accept responsibility for what and when you need to deliver 
  • Communicate that you have taken responsibility or find an owner for any issue that has been identified. 
  • Take responsibility for your mistakes and learn from them  
  • Take your believability score (Your experience) into consideration when challenging decisions   Challenge tech or business assumptions; even if it is the CEO, Director or your Manager.
  • Show pride in our product and in what we do 
  • Take priorities into consideration 
  • Always set goals for each day and each week and constantly review and update them  

Resilience and Empathy

Handling disappointment and rejection when your opinions and ideas are not considered a priority. Continuing to work effectively even when disappointed. Awareness and sensitivity to colleagues and customers feelings, agendas, thoughts, perspectives, and situations before acting or communicating.

What good looks like:

  • Maintain enthusiasm & performance after disappointment, conflict, or rejection.
  • Do not take criticism or developmental feedback personally see it as an opportunity to learn how to be a better person
  • Buy into the DDO (Deliberately Developmental Organisation) way
  • Take criticism in your stride (not personally) and bounce back quickly after diagnosing the situation or action.
  • Recognise what you need to do differently in the future to achieve a better outcome.
  • Assess the impact and implications of decisions on other components of the organisation & business.
  • Anticipate the needs of others with a strong understanding of HRLocker’s Principles policies & plans. Use the organisational structure and people’s strengths to potentially solve business problems.
  • Use your learning and Insight’s profiles to prevent people’s potential weakness’s affecting business. Anticipate the impact of your actions on people, HRLocker and our customers.
  • Be empathetic to people’s situations, listen before responding.
  • Be aware of other peoples’ working environment, be it home, office, remote or hybrid and make allowances as required.
  • Share all relevant information and encourage and participate in thoughtful disagreements to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Customer Focus

Definition : Understanding the customer's needs and expectations and building towards their future requirements while providing them with the tools to accomplish their goals. Ensuring HRLocker grows around customer orientation while still retaining a strong leadership in HR software functionality requirements.

What good looks like: 

  • Establish and nurture professional relationships with our customers, providing relevant and important information in a time-sensitive manner.
  • Ensure that HRLocker work as a team in providing customer focus ideas, this means that every department in HRLocker understands the importance of the customer, not just the departments that are customer-facing.
  • Clarify current customer issues and escalate their resolution depending on the severity of the issue.
  • Set and meet customer expectations with internal colleagues, external collaborators and customers

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