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HR Management: The Impact of HRLocker at Gifts Direct

Gifts Direct comprises two different e-commerce businesses based in Ireland: and They specialise in gifting and Irish produce. The adoption of HRLocker has significantly enhanced their HR operations. Below is an account of how this software has positively influenced the organisation.

Why Gifts Direct Implemented an HRIS

Before implementing HRLocker, Gifts Direct faced significant challenges with its manual HR processes.

“We previously relied on manual systems. This included day-to-day tasks like tracking holidays and sick leave, as well as the statutory requirement to document everything, such as completed trainings and various HR processes.”, Susan Cryan, Office Manager at Gifts Direct.

The businesses’ rapid growth, especially during peak seasons like Christmas, added complexity, making it difficult to manage employees effectively. Centralising document sign-offs and ensuring compliance was particularly challenging, necessitating an integrated HR system.

Choosing HRLocker over Competitors for Efficient HR Management

“I explored several different options, focusing on three key criteria: ease of use, affordability, and comprehensiveness. It was important to find a solution that met all our needs without unnecessary complexity.”, Susan Cryan.

The fact that HRLocker is an Irish company was a significant factor, as it aligned with the businesses’ values of supporting local enterprises. Positive feedback from other users and detailed assistance from HRLocker’s team reinforced the decision.

Seamless Onboarding and Training

The onboarding process with HRLocker was smooth and well-supported. The structured four-week program allowed the team to integrate all necessary data efficiently while continuing their regular duties.

“Having clear weekly objectives and guidance from HR Locker on what to focus on each week was invaluable. It provided a clear timeline and focus, facilitating a smooth implementation and rollout.”, Susan Cryan.


Key Benefits of HRLocker

Simplified Holiday and Sick Leave Management

HRLocker has streamlined the management of holidays and sick leave. The centralised system has reduced administrative errors and improved the tracking of employee absences. Employees can now easily request leave, and managers can approve it in a timely manner, leading to a more organised workflow.

Effective Employee Data Management

With HRLocker, maintaining accurate and up-to-date employee records has become much easier. The system allows employees to update their personal information, resulting in better data accuracy and reduced administrative burden for HR staff.

Enhanced Performance Review Processes

The automated reminders and standardised templates in HRLocker have improved the consistency and timeliness of performance reviews. Managers can now conduct reviews more efficiently, ensuring that all employees receive regular feedback.

Improved Internal Communication

The notice board feature on HRLocker’s dashboard has enhanced internal communication. Important announcements and company news are now easily accessible to all employees, ensuring everyone stays informed regardless of their location.

Comprehensive Reporting and Analytics

HRLocker’s robust reporting capabilities provide detailed metrics on various HR activities, including time tracking and leave management. This information supports better decision-making and planning for the business.


Notable Outcomes and Metrics

Since implementing HRLocker, several key improvements have been observed:

Sick Leave Management: The centralised system has improved tracking and managing sick leave, resulting in a 20% decrease in administrative errors related to sick leave reporting.

Holiday Management: The streamlined process for holiday requests and approvals has led to a 25% increase in on-time holiday approvals.

Employee Information Updates: The ease of updating personal information has led to a 15% increase in employees maintaining up-to-date records.

Performance Review Compliance: Compliance with scheduled performance reviews improved by 35%, thanks to automated reminders.


The Impact of HRLocker on Gifts Direct HR Function

HRLocker has been transformative for Gifts Direct, significantly enhancing HR functions. The software’s ability to centralise data, streamline processes, and empower employees has led to substantial improvements in efficiency, accuracy, and engagement across the organisation.

The businesses now benefit from improved sick leave management, timely holiday approvals, increased employee record accuracy, and better compliance with performance review schedules. The support from the HRLocker team has been exceptional, making the transition smooth and effective.

“I wholeheartedly recommend HR Locker for its effectiveness in organising our HR operations. As employers, we find it exceptionally user-friendly, making it straightforward to navigate.”, Susan Cryan.

The positive impact on both employees and managers at Gifts Direct illustrates the value and effectiveness of HRLocker in modern HR management.

With excellent Customer support, HRLocker has exceeded expectations, proving to be an invaluable tool in managing HR functions efficiently and effectively. There is always someone a the other end of the phone if you need them.

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