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Streamline HR and Ensure GDPR Compliance

Hanley Automation

HR Software with Easy Set-Up

Hanley Automation sought an HR technology solution that would streamline their HR tasks, enhance communication within the company, save time, and increase productivity.

“We were looking for a software system that would be easy to implement but also streamline our HR business function.”

About Hanley Automation

Hanley Automation provides a comprehensive range of automation and IT solutions tailored for manufacturing operations. As the Irish representatives of Rockwell Automation and EPSON robotics, they offer solutions that encompass a wide spectrum of technology, from physical machines and robots to cloud-based management systems.

Ensuring GDPR Compliance

HRLocker HR Software provided Hanley Automation with the assurance that they were GDPR compliant, ensuring that all employee and candidate information was securely stored on a cloud-based platform.

“It also helps us stay compliant with GDPR and other legal guidelines around storing employee/candidate information.” 

Improved Employee Reviews System

One of the standout features that Hanley Automation highlighted was the Employee Reviews system. By organising all relevant information in one place and offering a comprehensive overview of all staff, it became significantly easier to identify areas for improvement and focus efforts where needed.

“Our employee review process has improved immensely, and we are already noticing the benefits throughout the business.” 

By integrating HRLocker, Hanley Automation has not only ensured compliance with legal requirements but has also enhanced their operational efficiency and employee review processes, leading to noticeable improvements across the organisation.

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