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"HRLocker is easy to use and provides all the functions needed of an HR system"

Healthcare21, who are they and what are their specialities?

Healthcare 21 delivers products and solutions to assist healthcare providers achieve optimum clinical outcomes across the UK and Ireland. They supply leading edge healthcare solutions, premium consumables, medical devices, equipment and services to all healthcare providers. The company assists clinicians, nursing and professional practitioners, patients and clients in achieving optimal clinical outcomes and enhancing the quality of patient care. Healthcare 21 Group operates in a range of market segments from Hospital to Home, Primary Care to Retail Sports and Pharmacy.
Furniture & Equipment
medical care
Primary and Clinical Care

Simple Design and Helpful Reports

The Advantages

Healthcare21 shared that the HRLocker HR solution was user-friendly and its reports allowed for an easier overview of the organisation.

Managing their workforce was now simple, saving time and increasing productivity.

Frequently Asked Questions about HRLocker

Does HRLocker creates a Payroll Report?

HRLocker has a report which can be downloaded from HRLocker and uploaded into Payrola Payroll systems.

In order to access this report, you need to have payroll reporting enabled. Please contact HRLocker support or your account manager to enable this.

What does the Annual Leave Summary Report shows?

If you run the Annual Leave Summary Report, this will show you the following data for your employees:

  • Annual leave
  • Accrued
  • Carried Over
  • Manual Adjustment
  • Leave Taken
  • Booked Ahead
  • Balance V Accrued
  • Balance V Full Leave Year
  • Sick Days
  • Certified
  • Uncertified
How can I get a quote?

If you wish to get the right quote for your organisation you can talk directly with our experts and book a demo here. As well, you can find our Price Calculator here and explore what best works for your business.

What are the most important factors to consider when choosing HR software?

To stay on top of compliance, oversee projects and manage employees with varying hours as you scale operations, you need an HR solution that centralises key processes and employee information. Your HR software should automate manual tasks, be GDPR-friendly and give employees a self-service portal.