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Hennelly Finance

“HRLocker helped us streamline processes which has led to increased productivity at work management”


Ruth Hennelly

Ruth Hennelly – Hennelly Finance

Managing Director shares her experience with HRLocker

Why was Hennelly Finance looking for an HR tech solution?

Performance Reviews
Performance Reviews Reminders
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Leave Management
Centralise Information
Hennelly Finance

Outdated HR Workplace Practices

The Challenge

Hennelly Finance realised that their HR processes were outdated. They lacked performance review reminders and heavily relied on Excel sheets to manage employee leave. These methods led to a lot of misplaced information and confusion.

“All our HR documents were stored in different locations.”

Hennelly Finance, who are they?

“We’re trusted by individuals, families and organisations alike to help them achieve the “big things”​ in life that really matter.”

Hennelly Finance is a family-run business, experienced in financial services such as retirement planning investments and health insurance savings. As well, they provide specialist knowledge in employee benefits solutions for companies.

They are fully regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland and members of the professional body Brokers, Ireland.

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Employee Benefits
Retirement Planning

Save Time and Increase Productivity

The Advantages

Ruth shared with us that HRLocker allowed both herself and the staff to save time. This new up-to-date HR solution allowed them to focus more on their customers and business and less on people management tasks.

“It can quickly become a nightmare if you’re relying on paperwork and filing cabinets.”

Hennelly Finance
Hennelly Finance

Fast Online Employee Onboarding

Favourite HR Features

For Hennelly Finance, HRLocker’s Onboarding module really made their work life easier. Ruth really enjoyed the “self-service” nature of the process meaning, the new hires could now add all the information needed themselves and upload all the essential forms and documents online.

“HRLocker ensures a seamless and paperless transition and helps centralise all documents.”

The HRLocker’s Employee Onboarding feature enables Hennelly Finance to access and manage employee records, contracts and processes a lot more easily in a secure way online.

Leave Management and Attendance Tracking

Favourite HR Features

Hennelly Finance was having trouble managing employees’ different leave requests. HRLocker’s HR solution helped them organise all employees’ leaves.

Now, with HRLocker’s “Time On” and “Time Off” modules, it is easier to calculate pro rata entitlements and keep track of employees’ requests and remaining annual leave.

“There are no more messy and time-consuming email trails. We can pull reports on all aspects of the system and employees as well.”

Hennelly Finance
Hennelly Finance

Great HR Software Solution for Financial Services

Would you recommend HRLocker?

Managing Director, Ruth Hennelly, shared with us that she would definitely recommend the HRLocker system in the financial services industry.

“HRLocker really made our lives a lot easier. I’d recommend it to anyone in the financial services industry.”

Being in the finance world for a long time, she understands that there are a lot of admin tasks and compliance paperwork. Independently of your company’s size, administration and employee data is one of the most time-consuming components.

Frequently Asked Questions about HRLocker

What is an HRLocker Directory Upload?

A directory upload is the data migration of your current employee database. Whether you’re changing software or using a digital system for the first time, we upload your full directory to save you time and stress.

What training does HRLocker provide?

With HRLocker you receive the support of our Customer Support team. Our HRLocker Implementation Specialists will work with you to ensure smooth, efficient adoption of our automated processes and user-friendly platform.

How can I get a quote?

If you wish to get the right quote for your organisation you can talk directly with our experts and book a demo here. As well, you can find our Price Calculator here and explore what best works for your business.

What’s the best way to calculate and manage time off in lieu (TOIL)?

The best way to calculate and manage TOIL is with a specialised HR tool. For example, HRLocker automatically calculates and allocates employees’ TOIL so you don’t have to manually sort through logged hours and leave calendars.