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Hot Press, who are they?

Hot Press is a fortnightly music and politics magazine based in Dublin, Ireland, founded in June 1977. The magazine has been edited since its inception by Niall Stokes.
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Management of Absences and Holidays

The Advantages

Hot Press found HRLocker easy to use and its time management features very helpful. HRLocker contains a full-scale timesheet solution that enables the organisation to fill out timesheets manually, clock in and clock out, what makes management work much easier.

“The onboarding was simple, the UI is clean and clear and, most importantly, it’s added a huge level of clarity to our tracking and management of absences and holidays.”

Frequently Asked Questions about HRLocker

Why would someone use timesheet software?

An all-in-one HR software solution like HRLocker provides simple automated solutions for your timesheet processes. As well as gaining insights into team performance, tools that automate manual tasks like calculating and allocating time off in lieu (TOIL) let you focus on more exciting HR responsibilities, like employee engagement and improving productivity.

How do you implement HR software in a small business?

There are a few things you need to do to implement software in your small business to ensure its success:

  1. Migrate data: Bring in your employee data from whatever you’re currently using, whether it be Excel or paper-based records. HRLocker does this for you as part of our free implementation service.
  2. Understand the tool: Get a proper onboarding with the tool’s customer support team to understand how to make the most of the platform.
  3. Train employees: Give your employees the support they need to understand the platform and incorporate it into their daily tasks.
  4. Customise the platform: Modify workflows and make adjustments so the software fits the needs of your business.
  5. Monitor usage: Track how much your employees are using the tool to ensure you’re getting value out of it.
What’s the best way to calculate and manage time off in lieu (TOIL)?

The best way to calculate and manage TOIL is with a specialised HR tool. For example, HRLocker automatically calculates and allocates employees’ TOIL so you don’t have to manually sort through logged hours and leave calendars.

What are the most important factors to consider when choosing HR software?

To stay on top of compliance, oversee projects and manage employees with varying hours as you scale operations, you need an HR solution that centralises key processes and employee information. Your HR software should automate manual tasks, be GDPR-friendly and give employees a self-service portal.