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KBI Global Investors Limited

"HRLocker is easy to use and users require very little training to get up and running."


KBI Global Investors, who are they and what are their specialities?

KBI Global Investors is an institutional asset manager, headquarted in Dublin with a sales office in Boston. The firm’s primary goal is to offer differentiated and innovative investment strategies which enable investors to capture consistent alpha, with minimal risk.
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Natural Resource Strategy
Natural Resource Strategies
Global Equity Strategies
Emerging Market
Emerging Market Equities
KBI Global Investors Case Study

Supporting Irish Businesses

The Choice

KBI Global Investors believes in supporting local Irish Companies. This was one of the reasons why they chose HRLocker as their HR solution.

“The software is produced, developed and supported from Co Clare and we were conscious about supporting Irish business.”

Easy Software Implementation


They found the deployment process of HRLocker quick and easy. The initial training given to the company employees was also helpful for a smooth setup and getting used to the system.

“Overall, good experience from choosing the software, discussing our needs with the project manager assigned to us, implementation and training.”

KBI Global Investors Case Study
KBI Global Investors Case Study

Easy Management with Reports

The Advantages

KBI Global Investors found the HRLocker software to be easy to use not requiring a lot of training for their employees.

The Reports feature showed to be very helpful to them and their management thing allowing them to find and analyse all the organisation’s important information.

“HRLocker’s reporting feature has been further developed to allow for additional reports which are useful for management review.”

Frequently Asked Questions about HRLocker

Does HRLocker creates a Payroll Report?

HRLocker has a report which can be downloaded from HRLocker and uploaded into Payrola Payroll systems.

In order to access this report, you need to have payroll reporting enabled. Please contact HRLocker support or your account manager to enable this.

What does the Annual Leave Summary Report shows?

If you run the Annual Leave Summary Report, this will show you the following data for your employees:

  • Annual leave
  • Accrued
  • Carried Over
  • Manual Adjustment
  • Leave Taken
  • Booked Ahead
  • Balance V Accrued
  • Balance V Full Leave Year
  • Sick Days
  • Certified
  • Uncertified
How can I get a quote?

If you wish to get the right quote for your organisation you can talk directly with our experts and book a demo here. As well, you can find our Price Calculator here and explore what best works for your business.

What are the most important factors to consider when choosing HR software?

To stay on top of compliance, oversee projects and manage employees with varying hours as you scale operations, you need an HR solution that centralises key processes and employee information. Your HR software should automate manual tasks, be GDPR-friendly and give employees a self-service portal.