Life Credit Union case study

"From average to amazing"

Established in 1968, Life Credit Union is a finance co-op governed by their members and voluntary Board of Directors. The company unique structure means that its clients are the owner of Life Credit Union and benefit from its use, either by way of an attractive dividend (savings rate) or excellent value loans.


More about their HRLocker experience…

“All ‘HR’ file information is now paperless and compliant with GDPR. Cost effective (easy to show cost/benefit given the efficiency is creates) HR Locker has reacted very quickly to the global pandemic and made very quick changes to the product that have been useful in the situation. This is the 3rd organisation where I’ve used this software (I introduced it in all 3). It’s an easy way to manage employee leave and other ‘HR’ details. It’s easy to implement and easy to use. The team is great, they offer quick support and they are very friendly, responsive and helpful. The price is reasonable and fair for the product.”



– Competitive loan products

– Car loans

– Home improvement loans

– Home loans

– Holiday Loans

– Debt Consolidation

– Personal Loans

– Current Account

– Student Loans