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National Youth Council of Ireland

“We are now GDPR compliant with all our documentation! Our health and safety policies and documents are all organised and signed.”


Lynne NYCI

Lynne Oglesby – National Youth Council of Ireland

Director of Finance and Operations shares her experience with HRLocker

Why was NYCI looking for an HR tech solution?

Better Interaction with Staff
HR Documentation Organisation
GDPR Compliance
National Youth Council of Ireland

Interaction with Staff and HR Documentation

The Challenge

NYCI needed a system that would offer more than only a time and attendance functionality. They were looking for an HR solution that would allow them to better interact with staff and organise their HR documentation in a compliant way.

“HRLocker allowed us to upload policies and ensure that all documentation was signed by staff, both from an employee and employer perspective.”

National Youth Council of Ireland, who are they?

“The National Youth Council of Ireland is a government-funded charity and a membership organisation. We advocate for policies around issues that affect young people.”

NYCI aims to build capacity, leadership and influence to improve the lives of young people.

National Youth Council Ireland Logo
Forward Thinking

Irish-based Customer Support

The Choice

Besides the software features, one of the things that led NYCI to choose HRLocker was the Irish-based customer support. For their organisation was fundamental to have very quick support in an Irish time frame.

“I’ve used it previously on another employment and from an employee perspective I found it quite handy. Very interactive and user friendly.” 

Their employees’ feedback was also positive. They found the platform very user-friendly with helpful online tutorials guiding them along the way.

National Youth Council of Ireland
National Youth Council of Ireland

Timesheets, Compliance and More

The Advantages

They needed an HR solution that would help reduce time and manual tasks. With HRLocker, employees are able to manage their own timesheets and upload certifications if needed. This allowed them to save time on management and administrative tasks.

“We have more control over timesheets, which is quite important for us because we’re funded by government departments. If we are audited, we now have appropriate timesheets.”

As well, from an employer’s perspective, uploading all HR policies to ensure they were all signed and stored in a compliant software portal was a must.

Would you recommend HRLocker?

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“Definitely! And I actually have. I’ve pointed out how user-friendly HRLocker is and obviously the GDPR compliance aspect. As well, I mentioned the software support that we get and how any client issues are resolved very quickly.

As well the webinars I find are very helpful. They’re continuously updating and very relevant to any HR issues. I’m not an HR professional so, for someone that is not from that background, the webinars are very useful.”

Frequently Asked Questions about HRLocker

What training does HRLocker provide?

With HRLocker you receive the support of our Customer Support team. Our HRLocker Implementation Specialists will work with you to ensure smooth, efficient adoption of our automated processes and user-friendly platform.

Can I upgrade as I scale my business?

Yes, HRLocker works with you as you grow your business, so it’s easy to add users and switch plans.

What is an HRLocker Directory Upload?

A directory upload is the data migration of your current employee database. Whether you’re changing software or using a digital system for the first time, we upload your full directory to save you time and stress.

How can I get a quote?

If you wish to get the right quote for your organisation you can talk directly with our experts and book a demo here. As well, you can find our Price Calculator here and explore what best works for your business.