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What does “Onboarding” Mean?

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In HR, people management, personnel, human resources etc., new terms and processes come up from time to time that the general business person needs to find out about, ‘onboarding’ is one of these, but what does it mean?

This is my definition (and please correct me if I am misguided): “OnBoarding”, is all the activity that a company and a person needs to do from the point of job offer to when a new employee is up and running and productive within the company.

Some companies also like to demonstrate how much new hires mean to them by leaving quirky welcome kit packs and fun gifts next to their flashy new devices as they arrive at their new desks on day 1.

The reality of the general onboarding process though is, traditionally, heavily laden down with administration work, contracts, medicals, health and safety documentation, ordering equipment, physical and IT access rights, benefit sign ups, induction, objective setting, introductions to key personnel, client and supplier introductions, mobile phone allocations, employee handbooks sign off etc. etc.

In some big companies I have seen the job title “OnBoarding Manager” or, (wait for it!!!) “Organisational Socialisation Manager”.

But, in all seriousness, this process can be the difference of a new recruit becoming productive or leaving the business.

A company can spend vast amounts of money on recruitment. Paying close attention to your onboarding process can increase your employee retention rates and lift productivity in your workplace.

Yes, you can automate onboarding to a huge extent by using Cloud HR systems like (plug !!) HRLocker.com but, a simple list with a schedule for on-boarding that is owned by the Hiring Manager and the employee can be very effective and a nice personal touch.

So the next time you see the term “on boarding” you will now know what it means and you can speak in confidence on what it’s about and its importance.

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