Construction! Manage social distancing guidelines with HRLocker

Construction! Are you starting back to work on May 5th?

The Construction Industry Federation and Construction Leadership Council have issued COVID-19 safety guidelines to its members in anticipation of a gradual return to work in May.


The CIF says its members need to be ready to impose a strict health and safety regime if they are to start work again. It may seem daunting to execute all the various procedures that must take place in order to comply with the guidelines, but HRLocker can help keep all your certifications, PPE handouts, Safety documents and digital signatures all in one place.

We even have a voice-activated rugged tablet App that you can track and monitor whos on-site at any given time.

If you are interested in seeing how HRLocker can work for your organisation, why not try it for free? We will help you set up the whole process from start to finish, and the great news is that you can be up and running on the system in less than 45 mins. Start your FREE Trial now!


Here’s how HRLocker can manage your return to work after the lockdown:


CPD section

Employees can be assigned and can upload the COVID-19 questionnaire/self-declaration. You will be able to report on this and also give the Covid 19 officer access to this.


HR Docs

Issue all-new updated health and safety documents such as Safety and Health Plans, Safety Statement and other relevant documents that need to be communicated to all staff members.


Clock In and Out (Mobile App or Rugged Tablet)

Among the guidelines in the Standard Operating Procedures document are staggered shift times with some workers on site from 7 am to 2 pm and others from 2 pm to 8 pm. Use the Clock In and Out (Mobile App or Rugged Tablet) to monitor your reduced amount of people on-site, HRLocker will allow you to set this to whatever limit it is per site.


HRLocker will also allow you to Track PPE given to employees.


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