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Elevator Pitch/Value Proposition

HRLocker is an all in one HR System that digitally transforms people management and recruitment processes. HRLocker scales and grows with organisations regardless of headcount and manages the entire employee lifecycle.



70% of SMEs have not yet digitised their HR/ Recruitment processes. HR/Recruitment systems are typically viewed as an expensive investment and are often not an affordable option for scaling and growing companies.



HRLocker scales easily with companies as they grow. We adapt to the company regardless of headcount. Companies can easily manage their entire workforce no matter what size or stage the company is. HRLocker is easy to use affordable, scalable, and addresses all pain points from one platform for growing companies.

Invest in HRLocker
Invest in HRLocker

Market Opportunity

The annual UK and Irish licence revenue within our target markets is €480 million per year, based on a 70% unserved.The SAM of the US, UK and Ireland is €3.9 billion.


 Specific Immediate Target Market

Target Market: 10 – 500+ employeesSectors: Professional Services, Tech, Not For Profit, Construction

 Business & Revenue Model

HRLocker use a tiered SaaS pricing model that is based around number of users and modules needed. This pricing model allows customers to choose what they need and when they need it. HRLocker upsells to customers modularly – features and increased users as the client scales.


Competitive Advantage

The majority of new HRLocker customers are in the growth or scaling phase.Our clients use us because we provide a solution that is modular, they can scale at their own pace. This makes us cost-effective as customers do not need to implement a cumbersome system from early on.

Our domain expertise around knowledge-based scaling companies is our strength.

Invest in HRLocker

Employment & Investment Incentive Scheme (EIIS) 

The main provisions of the scheme for the Investor and the Company are detailed below:


The Investor

– The EII Scheme allows for tax relief on total income to be made available to individuals who invest in Ordinary Shares in a qualifying EIIS company.

– Tax relief on an investment made in 2022 will be available to an individual at an effective rate of 40% for the tax year ending 31st December 2022.

– Tax relief is granted at the investor’s marginal rate of tax. To achieve maximum tax relief, an Investor should have income taxable at 40%. Unused relief can be carried forward to the next year if income is insufficient to use the full relief.

– Individual taxpayers may invest up to €250,000 per annum – in the case of married couples, each party is regarded as an individual and is thus treated separately.

– Individual taxpayers may invest up to €500,000 per annum when an election is made at the time of the investment to retain the shares for a period of seven years. The investor cannot subsequently opt out of this election.

– EIIS investments are not subject to High Earner Restrictions.

– To qualify for EIIS relief, shares purchased must be held for a minimum of four years from the date on which they are issued. Any sale or disposal of shares within that four-year holding period, will result in a claw back of part or all of the relief.

– Tax relief entitlements resulting from EIIS investment can be offset against total income from all sources – PAYE Income, Self-Employment Income, Dividends, Rents etc.

– From November 2017 existing shareholders in a company will not qualify for EIIS relief on further investment in that company, except where initial investment qualified for EIIS relief.

– As with all investments made on an individual basis, there is no guarantee that they will generate a return and could in fact result in a loss for the investors. Responsibility for the risk associated with the investment rests entirely with the investor.


All investors in the company through EIIS are responsible for following through on their own tax relief entitlements and for filing their individual tax returns.

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