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Why partner with HRLocker?

How to add value by building a retained business with HRLocker

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Which type of HR consultants do we work with?

big company
Large consultancies
With dedicated business development department.
Independent & SMEs
Who want to scale and grow their business.
New HR Consultants
Starting their journey
HR Consultants
Interested in extending their service

Partner Testimonials

Louisa Meehan – Woodview HRM

Louisa Meehan is the HR and Dispute Resolution Expert for Woodview HRM which specializes in mediation and HR support for SMEs.

The HR Partner programme is designed for Ireland and UK-based HR consultants. Our multi-award-winning software provides you with the opportunity to have instant, easy and secure access to your client’s data, helping you to support them and transform the way they work.

Grow your business, enhance your service offering, save time and focus on what matters most: people.

How do we work with our HR partners?

Most HR Consultants set up because they like HR and not business development. We help avoid the cycle of pitching for work, getting work and then repeating that process.

We set up Modern Workplace to work strategically closer with our HR partners helping them to develop a continuity of service which becomes inbuilt into the fabric of their client’s organisations.

Our billing options provide HR Partners with an additional strategy to align business development with business delivery.

How to add value by building a retained business with HRLocker

Why do HR Consultancies choose to partner with HRLocker?

  • HRLocker can help any HR Consultancy to build a retained business through monthly and annual billing.
  • Monetary rewards for all referrals and the option to do deployments if desired.
  • An additional partner admin license. You will gain a full understanding of movements around your client, helping to prevent problems whilst managing the client anytime, anywhere.
  • We provide HR Partners with exposure opportunities such as webinars and podcasts and make referrals in return.
  • Extensive training & support to you and your clients.

The value HRLocker adds to our partner’s clients

settings  Automation of all administration involved with people management and recruitment.

time   Facilitation of employee self-service which eliminates more administration time.

law  HRLocker enables clients to be more compliant with employment law.

wifi  Employees can work effectively whether they are on-site, hybrid, flexible or remote workers.

database  We grant HR Partners access to their client’s data, giving them scope to come up with initiatives that will help the client.

How does the billing work when an HRLocker Partner is involved?

  • The billing works depending on the client’s preference, this can be monthly or annually.
  • If the billing is monthly, the HR consultant can decide to pay HRLocker monthly and add it to their client’s bill, giving them a reason to catch up with their client regularly and add value to their service.
  • Keep in mind what makes things easier for the client. Not for HRLocker or the HR Partner.
How to add value by building a retained business with HRLocker

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