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About Clover HR

Clover HR LogoFounded by Michael Doolin, a seasoned HR professional with over 30 years of experience, Clover HR is a thriving consultancy supporting businesses of all sizes.

With a team of 35 passionate individuals, Clover HR provides a comprehensive range of HR services, including:

HR Advice and GuidanceRecruitment ActivityConsultancy Services

Michael’s extensive experience, combined with Clover HR’s commitment to excellence, has positioned the firm as a trusted advisor to over 120 businesses across the UK.


Finding the Perfect Fit: The Partnership with HRLocker

Michael’s journey with HRLocker began several years ago, recognising the platform’s potential to enhance his ability to serve clients effectively.

Over time, Michael remained impressed by HRLocker’s continued development and the positive feedback he received from clients he introduced to the platform. “It became clear that HRLocker was not just a simple product but a powerful tool with evolving functionalities, addressing the needs of even the most progressive clients”, he adds.

This realisation, coupled with Michael’s appreciation for HRLocker’s customer-first approach, solidified his decision to forge a formal partnership.

Michael Doolin

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I’ve known HRLocker for quite a while. I remember speaking to Adam Coleman back in the day, and what initially struck me was the platform’s simplicity and ease of implementation. This is crucial for clients with varying levels of technical expertise.”

Michael Doolin, Chief Executive Officer

Client Services with HRLocker

Since partnering with HRLocker, Clover HR has witnessed significant benefits in their client service delivery.

Seamless Implementation and User Adoption

“HRLocker’s intuitive interface and straightforward setup process make it easy for clients to onboard and begin using the platform quickly”, explains Michael. This eliminates unnecessary technical hurdles and allows clients to focus on leveraging the platform’s functionalities.

Reliable Support and Client Satisfaction

This is one of the most important factors for recommending the software. HRLocker has responsive and effective customer support, “I don’t get any queries or hassles from my client base regarding HRLocker. This peace of mind allows me to focus on delivering strategic HR advice and support to my clients”.

Data-Driven Decision-Making

Access to accurate and timely information is essential for informed decision-making.

HRLocker’s robust data management capabilities give consultancies like Clover HR the confidence to present reliable data and insights to their clients. This empowers Clover HR to offer data-backed recommendations and support clients in making strategic HR decisions.


Gaining a Competitive Edge

Beyond enhancing client service, HRLocker has equipped Clover HR with a competitive edge in the consultancy market.

Transparency and Trust in M&A Processes

Clover HR is quite often involved in mergers and acquisitions for their customers. When these companies are going through due diligence, having an up-to-date and reliable data management system in place instils confidence in potential buyers. This streamlined data access enhances transparency and facilitates smoother M&A transactions.

Enhanced Business Promotion

HRLocker showcases Clover HR’s expertise and increases the value proposition to potential clients.


Why the Partnership between Clover HR and HRLocker Works

This successful partnership demonstrates the importance of collaboration and shared values in driving mutual success.

“HRLocker has become an integral part of our service delivery at Clover HR. The platform’s ease of use, friendly customer service and aftercare are second to none.”


How Would You Describe HRLocker to Others?

“Simple, easy, and friendly.”


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