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HRLocker Helps To Drive HR Digitalisation Across SMEs

About Rubik

Rubik LogoRubik focuses on finding solutions for SMEs looking to find new customers, increase sales, improve profitability and make better decisions. They are committed to finding solutions that are cost-effective, quick to implement and easy to use.


Digital Transformation Strategy Steps

“We come up with a digital strategy which then provides them with an outline roadmap for them to implement over the next 3 to 5 years.”

Rubik’s co-founder shares the different stages to help their customer with their digital transformation.

1. Understand what their key issues are.

2. Research their industry piers to understand what are the best practices.

3. Learn about what the customer is trying to achieve as a business in terms of their strategic goals.


Mark Flynn

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HRLocker helps Rubik clients to manage their employee lifecycle and makes things a lot easier for them”

Mark Flynn, Managing Director & Co-Founder


Benefits Of Becoming an HRLocker Partner

Mark Flynn shares that HRLocker is very easy to deploy and implement. In no time the system is up and running.

As well, Rubik’s customers find the HR Software to be very affordable.

“Very feature-rich for the money that they have to pay. For the subscription, you get things that you should be using and also features that you haven’t thought about before.”


How Would You Describe HRLocker to Others?

“Simple, easy, and effective.”


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