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About the Podcast

On the podcast, Deirdre explains to us the difference between the gender pay gap and equal pay, how to create a diverse and inclusive workplace and she give us some great resources on how to get started.

Deirdre talks to us about the findings of the recent HRLocker survey on gender pay gap reporting, what companies are bound by law to report on it and why every company, no matter what its size should do it.


About Deirdre Carbery

Deirdre is a Security Strategist, Gender Advisor and military veteran.

She has previously held the appointment of Chief Instructor in the United Nations Training School Ireland and previously worked with the UN and NATO to progress the Women, Peace and Security Agenda internationally.

Since retiring from the military in January 2020, Deirdre works with Facebook as a Global Security Strategist and continues to provide consultancy services to organisations internationally.


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