Driving Change: National Menopause Summit


All You Need to Know About the National Menopause Summit with Sinéad McNamara

Welcome to the HRLocker Podcast, today we are joined by Sinéad McNamara from the National Menopause Summit.

In this episode, we dive into menopause, a subject that impacts many yet remains under-discussed in professional circles.

Sinéad shares details of the upcoming National Menopause Summit at the Aviva Stadium on April 11th and 12th. Emphasising that the event isn’t exclusively for women in midlife, but open to anyone interested in understanding peri-menopause and menopause.

With her extensive background in media and event management, she sheds light on her own personal menopause journey and the motivation behind creating the summit. We’ll explore how menopause can affect women at work and why businesses need to acknowledge and support their employees through this stage. Expect a candid conversation filled with actionable insights, aimed at enhancing, understanding and support for menopausal women in the workplace.

We really hope you enjoy!

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