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Recruitment can lie within the HR dept in many companies and can often be a time-consuming and costly process. Finding potential candidates is only the beginning of the journey. The next step? The Interview. But how do you hire for success and is there a process that can help you fill that position with the best candidate possible?

On this HRLocker Podcast episode, we have our very own Adam Coleman, CEO of HRLocker.

As a CEO of a scaling company that has tripled in size over the last 2 years, recruitment has been high on the agenda in HRLocker. Adam talks us through the finer points of Interviewing, from the process our company uses to identify potential candidates, the importance of interview guides and why he always insists that every potential candidate should accompany their CV with a cover letter.

We also ask Adam what are the ‘right’ questions to ask in an interview, how do you get started in building an interview guide for managers within your company and who is the best person placed in the company to create an interview guide. If you are in the process of recruiting or selecting your next hire, this podcast is not to be missed, we hope you enjoy it.


About Adam Coleman

Adam Coleman, CEO and Founder of HRLocker, has assisted clients in developing and implementing best-in-class HRIS solutions. Prior to setting up HRLocker, Adam held Senior HR Positions in both O2 UK and O2 Ireland and was head of HR for Esat Digifone.


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