New Legislation Updates in Ireland – Unpaid Leave Entitlements


On this podcast episode, we are joined by GHR Consulting’s Owner Ruairi Guckian and Terence Morgan, Director of Business Development.

We run through the new legislation updates in Ireland, focusing on the new unpaid leave entitlements under the work-life balance Act 2023. During this show, we mention and discuss unpaid leave for Medical Appointments and Caregiving, extended Breastfeeding Entitlements, anticipated measures for Domestic Violence leave, the right to request Remote or Flexible Working and more.

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Unpaid Leave Entitlements in Ireland 2023

The introduction of new unpaid leave entitlements in Ireland marks a significant step forward in enhancing work-life balance and supporting employees in managing their family responsibilities.

The provisions for unpaid leave for medical appointments and caregiving, extended breastfeeding entitlements, and upcoming measures for domestic violence leave demonstrate the government’s commitment to promoting a healthier and more inclusive work environment. By also recognising the need for remote and flexible working arrangements, the legislation adapts to the changing nature of work and enables employees to better balance their professional and personal lives.

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