The future of business is Employee Experience

About the Podcast

In this ever-changing world, the experience that your employees have during their employee lifecycle in your organisation has never been more important.

Great employee experience is built on trust, support, collaboration and most of all, communication, in a meaningful, productive way.

We asked Belinda Gannaway from Fathom XP, an award-winning employee experience and culture activation agency to talk us through the best way to implement an EX strategy in any organisation.

If you are interested in reading more, check out her book Employee Experience by Design here.


About Belinda Gannaway

Belinda’s expertise includes design thinking, learning design, team coaching and facilitation. She co-authored a book called ‘ EX by Design‘ in  2021 and she speaks regularly at international HR, culture and design-thinking events.

She is Fathom’s XP Director of Strategy in the area of Culture Change and is passionate about working with organisations that want to make a difference for their people, and the communities they build.


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Check out the Fathom XP website here

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