The New Domestic Violence Leave Policy: What HR Needs To Know

Employee Domestic Violence and Abuse Leave in Ireland

The Government of Ireland has introduced domestic violence leave under the Work-Life Balance and Miscellaneous Provisions Act 2023.

On Monday, 27 November 2023, it became a legal requirement for employers to offer up to five days of paid leave over 12 months to employees affected by domestic violence. It is recommended that employers embed support measures with an organisational response to domestic abuse.

In this episode, we are joined by Sarah Benson, CEO of Women’s Aid, a national organisation dedicated to empowering women and children facing domestic abuse. In 2023, there was an 8% rise in reports of domestic abuse in Ireland. In this episode, we’ll explore the legislation around Domestic Violence and the significant role that Women’s Aid played in shaping it. Sarah will tell us how HR professionals can create a supportive and safe workplace for employees who are struggling with domestic violence.

Join us as we dive into this important topic where Sarah will discuss the signs to look for, resources available, and practical strategies to help victims, and learn how HR professionals can make a difference in the lives of their employees.


Free Domestic Violence Leave Policy Template Download

Domestic Violence Leave Policy Template
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The Domestic Violence Leave Policy Template enables your company to establish a commitment to providing fully paid leave for employees who are survivors of domestic violence.

This policy applies to all employees, regardless of their gender, background, or position within the organisation.

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