The rise of the 4 day workweek


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With many calling it a life-work revolution, Covid-19 inadvertently brought about a huge work experiment, where people have had to juggle home and work life and boundaries became less defined. As a result, employees are now choosing to work for companies that are willing to offer a more flexible working arrangement. The Wanderlust Group has operated on a 4-day workweek over the last 18 months,  and since shifting to that model has grown revenue by 100% year over year. We invited Meghan Keany Anderson, CMO at the Wanderlust Group on the podcast to ask her how smaller businesses can compete for talent in an employee-driven marketplace.

We ask Meghan about the practicalities of implementing a 4-day workweek, does it help with employer branding when trying to source and attract new talent and what insights she can give us about the benefits and pitfalls (if any) from a company that has been walking the walk for the last 18 months.

In the podcast, Meghan mentions a recent article by TWG that many listeners may find useful on their quest to know more.


About Meghan Keaney Anderson

Meghan Keaney Anderson is a marketing executive with fifteen years of experience at the intersection of digital marketing, storytelling, creative operations, and growth optimization. Her career spans nonprofits, startups and global publicly traded companies. Currently, she is the CMO at The Wanderlust Group, an outdoor technology company on a mission to get people to spend more time outside. Prior to her work at Wanderlust, Meghan led the product marketing and brand strategy at HubSpot, a CRM platform, as it scaled from 6,000 customers to more than 100,000 worldwide.


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