Digitalisation with Enterprise Ireland

What’s the webinar about?

We were delighted to have Seán Tobin, Digital Transformation Specialist on the webinar to discuss how Enterprise Ireland can support companies on their whole digital transformation journey through funding and training support.

In this webinar we ran through the:

  • The digital discovery grant – who’s eligible?
  • What do you want to achieve with digitalisation?
  • What capabilities and culture are necessary for success?
  • How can you use technology to increase efficiency?
  • What technologies will best deliver on your objectives?


About Seán Tobin

Seán works in the Operational Excellence & Digital Department in Enterprise Ireland. To date, he has had the opportunity to work with Founders of Start-Ups, C-Suite Executives in SMEs & Large companies, and Researchers in Third Level Institutions all with the aim of ensuring that the continued innovation from Irish businesses is front and centre both nationally and internationally.

His role as Digital Transformation Specialist comprises helping Irish companies think ‘digital first’ through the creation of funding supports and training supports and connecting key stakeholders in the digital eco-system. A key driver for Seán is to identify ways to demystify Digital Transformation and promote the benefits it can have for businesses across Ireland.

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