DEI – Exploring the Benefits of Women in Leadership

Empowering Women Into Leadership

In this webinar, we are excited to have a conversation about the advantages of nurturing a diverse and inclusive workplace through the lens of Martina Naughton, one of the tech industry’s leading figures.

Martina Naughton, Director of Global Partner Solutions at Microsoft Ireland, has showcased her leadership and advocacy for women in the tech sector.

Her role at IBM and Microsoft has been pivotal in advancing diversity and inclusion. Recognised in the CRN Women of the Channel List 2023, Martina’s work demonstrates the value of diverse leadership in driving innovation and growth in the tech industry.

We will discuss how organisations can bridge the gender gap in leadership and drive impactful change.


Webinar Key Topics

  • The primary obstacles that prevent women from reaching or applying for senior management positions and how these challenges correlate with global DEI statistics.
  • How diverse leadership teams can impact the bottom line and the methods HR leaders could implement to attract and retain female talent in leadership roles.
  • Effective mentorship programmes that have significantly improved women’s representation in senior roles and their positive impacts on organisational success.
  • Identify the crucial early career support necessary to inspire women’s aspirations for leadership roles and the actions HR can take to establish a conducive environment from the outset.
  • Determine who should spearhead these initiatives and actionable guidance to begin your journey toward a more diverse and inclusive workforce.
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