HR Strategies to Combat Burnout

How to Overcome Burnout in the Construction Industry

We were delighted to have Rachael Stewart, Business Development Director at Stewart Construction and Thorbjorg Helga (Tobba) Vigfusdottir, CEO and Founder of Kara Connect on this month’s webinar.

Discover the most effective HR strategies to combat burnout and prioritise mental well-being within your workforce.


The webinar covered:

  • How HR departments can effectively address mental health challenges in the construction industry.
  • Practical strategies that can be implemented to support the mental well-being of employees.
  • How can employers create a culture of open dialogue around mental health and wellbeing?
  • How can HR and management collaborate to identify signs of burnout and manage workloads effectively?
  • Understand the role of technology in providing mental health support and accessible resources for employees.
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