New HRLocker Product Updates!

New HRLocker Product Updates!

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Pension Auto Enrolment, Sick Leave Management, and Work Pattern Rotations

We’re excited to bring you some new and improved features in HRLocker, designed to simplify your HR management tasks.

Webinar Key Topics

Work Pattern Rotations: Learn how to manage employee schedules more efficiently with our new features. We’ll cover how to create and customise work patterns to accommodate different shift types, ensuring your team’s schedules are organised and flexible.

Sick Leave Management: Discover how to assign specific sick leave types to employees, making it easier to categorise and track different kinds of leave. We’ll also discuss best practices for recording sick leave accurately, ensuring your records are up-to-date and compliant with legal requirements.

Pension Auto Enrolment: Ireland’s auto-enrolment pension scheme, starting in January 2025, will automatically enrol eligible employees in a pension plan with contributions from employees, employers, and the State, aiming to enhance retirement savings coverage. Learn how to manage these changes through the HRLocker platform.


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July 31st at 11 AM



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