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HRLocker HR Software Updates – Payroll Management

In this month’s webinar, we ran through some of our new Payroll features that will improve your payroll process. Managing the complexities of payroll can be time-consuming and laborious. This webinar covered:


Hourly Payroll and Multiple Overtime Rates Report

Hourly Payroll and Multiple Overtime Rates Reports are connected to each employee’s work pattern, with the flexibility to assign distinct payment IDs for different times of the day.


Customisable Rounding Rules

Apply a grace period and also round up or down depending on company rules


Flexible Date Range

Run this report weekly, or monthly, or specify your own start and end dates to accommodate your payroll schedule.


Single Employee Line

Each employee with an approved timesheet is represented in a single line.


Project, Bonus and Benefit Tracking

Projects with assigned payroll IDs, bonuses, and benefits with effective dates within the report’s timeframe are accurately accounted for.


Approved Leave Management

All leave with payment IDs are reported on, with public holidays included.

(You can download in Sage format to directly upload to Sage, or use the generic version, which suits nearly all payroll systems!)

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