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How to carry out a Training Needs Analysis in HRLocker

HRLocker’s Continuous Professional Development (CPD) module now includes the capability to perform a Training Needs Analysis (TNA) by polling staff to propose their own ongoing certification pathway.

The core CPD module, which allows you to schedule, manage and keep records of certifications, remains.

A skilled and constantly learning organisation is set to succeed. But there’s no need to break the bank to identify what skills your workforce should – and could gain.

Mind the gaps

Organisations of all sizes – and especially small businesses – have increasing demands to make sure their teams are correctly trained and up-to-date with passes, qualifications and required training to carry out their role or maintain their qualifications status.

But the admin time involved can be significant without the help of automation to do the heavy lifting on the admin side.

There are also Compliance obligations and the need to have records accessible and in one place so that personal data is recorded. (GDPR will require even tighter control of such information.)

Over to you …

But the added functionality further enhances the ‘self-service‘ element of HRLocker, which frees up time for managers to focus on proactive deliverables rather than time-consuming admin.

Carrying out a TNA has some distinct advantages:

  • Staff feel valued and satisfied that their career development is being taken care of
  • The onus goes onto employees to be responsible for maintaining their skills and certs
  • Skills gaps can easily be collated and identified with less margin for error or items ‘slipping through the cracks‘. (For a happier team overall.)


HRLocker Admins and Managers can now send out requests to their teams at the organisation, office and department level – right down to individual employees.

Deadlines can be set for when these needs are to be submitted.

All activity is recorded and exportable like all other data logged in the system. So your whole cycle of requesting needs, assigning, recording and approving training items is both taken care of and documented in a secure environment.

Once the training has been approved it can be assigned in the regular method, with completion dates, reminders and self-serve uploading of certs for approval. Again, this is all timestamped and exportable/reportable on.

Additionally, the enhanced CPD module is also built in line with requirements by the Irish Construction Industry Federation’s (CIF) new standards as set out under the Construction Industry Regulation Ireland (CIRI) ‘4 pillars‘ requirements.

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