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What Is Employee Self-Service Software?

If you give your employees ownership they will respond with productivity.

Employee self-service using HR software gives more control to your employees and lessens the admin burden that is often put on Finance and the HR department.

This allows People Managers and HR professionals to concentrate on the things that matter, like employee engagement and talent management.

Learn here how employees can access, upload and digitally sign documents.

It is undeniable that if you hire well allow employees to self-manage with good direction and leverage a robust employee self-service system, the good ones will stay with you longer.


What Do Self-Service HR Software Systems Allow Employees To Do

1. Keep their details and address up to date.

2. Go on training without waiting for their employer to suggest a course of action.

3. Have immediate online access to all their contracts and documents since they joined the Company.

4. Set their objectives and have their manager agree on them.

5. Be automatically notified of the review date and time.

When companies are forced to micro-manage employees, this is grossly underproductive for both management and employees.

Controlled Employee Management Approach Result

1. Reduction of creativity and ideas coming from the employees as they have to follow the manual at all times.

2. The talented ambitious and creative will get frustrated and leave or worse stay and become disruptive.

3. A controlled environment breeds a negative, non-collaborative culture, where people become more concerned for their jobs and less concerned for the company.

4. Control companies can become successful, (Kodak, Nokia, Blackberry) but they don’t remain there. They eventually become stale and outdated, because they’re less flexible and less likely to stay ahead of the curve. (On the flip side, Virgin even have a ‘take as much leave as you like’ policy.)

5. Employees who work in control companies mostly work hours and not for careers.


It is our job as progressive employers to select the people who enjoy what they do and ensure that they continue to enjoy their role through constant improvement and by keeping up with the latest trends.

One thing’s for sure, if employers become stale, it’s only a matter of time before their employees become stale themselves.

Responsibility, creativity, change and flexibility nurture fun, productivity and success.

What Is Employee Self-Service Software? was last modified: March 4th, 2024 by Adam Coleman

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