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Human Resources Software for Non Profits

Human Resources Software could be vital for solving financial legislation and compliance issues faced by Not for Profits, particularly following disclosures of the abuse of charitable contributions in many Irish non-profits and charities.


Transparency has become a clear obsession for every CEO and finance department. It is however equally important to set policies and procedures on how your Organisation manages its people.

Not for Profit Organisations often face issues and problems related to compliance when it comes to managing their employees as a result of the lack of resources as well as the lack of funds.

A  recent Workplace Relations Commission (WRC) report it stated that 43% of Not for Profit companies were not compliant with employment legislation after an inspection.

Implementing a self-service, online human resource software system will ensure that life is easier for your employees and will have an overall impact on the performance of your company. Implementing a smart and automated system should not be feared or avoided as it can ensure overall compliance.


How to make your Organisation compliant with employment legislation

It has become a common misconception that once companies have submitted a contract to their employees they have complied with legislation, this is not the case. Employment legislation covers a range of topics:

  •  Organisation of Working Time Act
  •  Minimum Wage 
  •  Health and Safety 
  •  Redundancy 
  •  Discrimination 
  •  Parental rights 
  •  Data Protection
  •  Information and Consultation of Employee Regulations 


All these areas need written policies that need to be issued to employees and signed. No matter what size your Organisation is, this is an increasingly difficult task to manage when your Organisation is dealing with paper.

Having a robust, user-friendly Human Resource system and, most importantly, a tool which can make your Organisation compliant is vital in today’s fast-paced environment.

HR Software that allows you to manage Holidays, Absences and HR Documents effectively and also in a paperless and automated environment has undoubtedly become the best option.

It does not just save time and cost but ensures compliance too. By minimising administrative expenditure, organisations can focus on what is most important – operation effectiveness.

Managing people’s holidays, leave, absence, compensation, timesheets etc., can be a challenging and questionable task, if not done timely and accurately.

Accountability lies with the Organisation to ensure accuracy and negligence is never an excuse. Directors may be prosecuted under the 2005 Health and Safety act for failing to comply with Health and Safety legislation, obliviousness is never an acceptable excuse.


How to manage your HR Documents

When implementing a Human Resource system, it is imperative that the system is able to manage multiple HR documents and digital signatures. When an Organisation has all its HR documents managed in one central place, this negates the need for paperwork mountains and physically chasing people for signatures.

It is also important that the system allows you to report who has signed the document. Most employers don’t realise that becoming compliant can be so easy if you introduce the right system to manage all your employment needs.

Company meeting

Human Resource software that is built around easy and secure methodology makes your Organisation efficient as it automates internal processes which are remotely accessible and eliminates administrative costs.

If your Organisation is chosen to be audited by the WRC it is so easy to produce reports from a system to show that you have all the correct procedures in place and that they have all been digitally signed.


How to Automate holiday management and sick leave

Tracking paper-based holiday requests or calculations of annual leave on excel is not only time-consuming and costly but also questions the integrity and the accuracy of the data making it questionable in an audit and difficult for people to own and manage.

Automated software ensures annual leave is calculated accurately and self-service will automate time off and leave requests. A system should maintain long-term records which are easy to retrieve in form of dashboards and reports, thus ensuring long-term compliance is adhered to.


How to make filling out timesheets easy

When managing a flexible workforce, including mobile and voluntary employees, having constant access to timesheets is essential. Self-service timesheets allow employees to fill out their timesheets even if they are not in the office. Having an online system will also reduce human errors associated with absences and overtime.

An embedded automated timesheet system which is easy and hassle-free for employees and convenient for managers will ensure that all the records are retrievable when needed, ultimately making it easy for you to analyse and take quick decisions. The quality and integrity of the data are of utmost importance, accessibility anywhere ensures flexibility and ultimately saves time and cost.


How to get a Return on Investment

Lack of funds can often be one of the main reasons behind a ‘not so compliant’ people management system. With the increased pressure on Not for Profits to be transparent in all areas, HR compliance remains equally crucial for the long-term survival of any Organisation. Organisations often ask while keeping tight control on expenditure, how can they enhance the quality with which they manage people?

HR cloud software is the perfect solution for all compliance issues being faced by any Organisation. Compliance should not just be seen as something to be fearful of, compliance increases efficiency and quality of work, and it ensures that set and predefined processes are followed and procedures/ policies are implemented.


Having a system that ensures technology is put in place to enhance effectiveness and gives an assurance of being one hundred per cent compliant will save money over time – and will allow an HR manager to spend time concentrating on Organisation effectiveness as well as ensuring an Organisation avoids WRC fines in the future.

Most Organisations that introduce an HR system will save on average 72 hours a month.

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