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5 Best Recruitment Software for Small Businesses

Between creating job descriptions and application forms, posting to job boards and sorting through candidates, managing recruitment takes up a huge amount of time, which is all the more frustrating if you’re the only HR professional in a small business with a host of other HR tasks to handle, too.

This is why you need recruitment software: to centralise key data, automate processes – including even emailing candidates – and save you hours of work as your business scales. 

With all your applications consolidated within a single platform, you’ll be able to identify, interview and onboard top talent faster and with better results.  

In this article, we share our five recommendations for recruitment software for small businesses. These platforms minimise manual work, cut hiring costs and reduce time-to-hire. 

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What to look for in recruitment software for your small business

By automating and enhancing existing processes, an effective recruitment solution will help your business achieve three main objectives: 

1. Minimise manual work

The right recruitment software implements automated flows for candidate sourcing, interviewing and onboarding, and allows employees to complete tasks (like uploading documents) themselves. 

This frees you up to focus on ensuring a great candidate experience as you support new hires through their integration to the team. 

2. Decrease time-to-hire

With a single source of truth for managing candidates, you can instantly access key information like qualifications and experience; you can easily collaborate with hiring managers from different departments; and you can speed up the screening, rejection and interview process.

And, with streamlined processes for offering positions, managing signatures and onboarding, too, you’ll dramatically reduce the time it takes to fill an opening.

3. Reduce hiring costs

With these recruitment management and applicant tracking systems in place, you’ll be able to hire candidates faster with less manual work, bringing your recruitment costs down in the process.  

To achieve these goals, look out for the following key features in your recruitment software:

  • Job board and social media integration to automatically advertise your position across channels
  • Website integration so you can display all live positions on your site 
  • An automated candidate communications solution to easily create and manage template emails
  • A centralised database so you can review CVs and cover letters, store right-to-work documents and digital signatures, and keep candidates on file for future positions
  • Applicant tracking tools that keep you up to date throughout the recruitment process and share notes on candidates collaboration with the team
  • Interview scheduling tools that allow you to efficiently progress your screened candidates
  • Video interviewing so you can meet with candidates in the same easy-to-use platform
  • Onboarding tools that allow you to create customised onboarding flows, send offers, collect digital signatures admin-free and automatically give new hires everything they need to get started
  • Great customer service so you can maximise your return on investment (ROI) as fast as possible

The 5 best recruitment software for small businesses

We’ve compiled a list of the five best recruitment solutions for small businesses based on the criteria explored above.   

HRLocker: All-in-one HR solution with self-service and automation

HRLocker’s candidate dashboard

Easily view key candidate details and recruitment tasks inside HIRE. Source

HRLocker is a complete HR software solution with an integrated, end-to-end recruitment and onboarding platform, HIRE. This lets you manage areas like time-tracking, training and leave in the same place as you customise your seamless recruitment and onboarding workflow.

Automated tools for sourcing talent, emailing candidates and managing their data cut your manual workload as you reduce the time spent reviewing each application. And because you can automatically give candidates and new hires all the information they need upfront, you can streamline onboarding and create a great first impression at the same time.  

In line with our mission to make life as easy as possible for all users, HIRE is an incredibly intuitive platform. This means you can easily integrate the software with your existing recruitment processes and add new team members as you scale. 

“HIRE is very easy to use and the majority of it is self-explanatory which is great as we have new users added each month. I love that it’s linked to HRLocker and any candidates that are hired are automatically placed in the Onboarding Office.” 

Lorraine M., Chief People & Culture Officer.

Also, HRLocker provides award-winning support with a responsive customer service team and free resources on compliance, DEI and other HR topics. You can focus your time on hiring the best candidates confident in the knowledge your processes are set up correctly. 

What our partners love

  • Integrations with your website, job boards and social media and a branded post creator to entice candidates  
  • A custom application form builder so you can more accurately and more quickly screen candidates
  • An automated communications system with customised email templates so you can easily schedule interviews and follow up with top candidates
  • An applicant tracking system (ATS) where multiple team members can add notes and you can track candidates’ progress
  • An integrated video tool where you can carry out interviews and store recordings in one place
  • An onboarding system which automates sharing documents, managing signatures and integrating new hires into your systems
  • Reports so you can see demographics, view efficiency and understand time-to-hire and success rates


HRLocker PlanWho’s it suited for?Pricing
FreemiumTeams with up to 4 users to help your business growFree for 6 months
HR EssentialsTeams with 15+ employees, to manage day-to-day tasks €4/£3.50/$5
HR ProfessionalTeams with 15+ employees, to help you manage a scaling hybrid or remote team€6/£5.50/$7
HR EnterpriseTeams of 250+ employees looking for flexible solutionsTailored quote

What our users say 

“HRLocker allowed our company to automate our processes from recruitment to CPD to leave management. It has streamlined and automated our processes which has freed up so much of our managers and HR teams’ time to focus on other value-add projects,” Aoife M., HR Manager.

Save hours of work with HIRE
HRLocker’s end-to-end recruitment & onboarding solution comes with a range of HR solutions and award-winning customer support
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The HIreHive recruitment platform

View key metrics at a glance inside HIreHive. Source

HireHive is a comprehensive recruitment solution with automated features for advertising jobs and screening candidates. In one place, you can manage all applications and view reports about your pipeline, time-to-hire and demographics.  

It’s a particularly good solution for global teams because you can create country-specific career pages and automatically upload application forms in several languages. However, note that HireHive doesn’t include a database to store documentation like right-to-work forms. 

Key features

  • Automatic posting to job boards and social media
  • Website integration so posts pull through automatically  
  • Applicant tracking with scorecards and space for feedback
  • Interview scheduling tool which can be used by multiple team members 
  • Reports about application status and compliance 


HireHive offers a free 14-day trial and five payment plans ranging from $49 a month to $349 a month. You pay more for the interview scheduling feature and to have over 20 active jobs. 

What users say 

“We were looking for a solid ATS to post our vacancies on, through which we could share them on LinkedIn and other social media platforms. HireHive is a great option because it automatically posts all your jobs on job boards and ensures all applications are stored safely in the system,” Carlos F., Chief People Officer.


JazzHR’s candidate dashboard

Apply filters to search for candidates inside JazzHR. Source

JazzHR centralises the entire recruitment process with solutions for screening, managing and interviewing applicants. As with HRLocker, you can onboard several team members and make notes within the software about which candidates are most suited for the role. 

JazzHR is a great solution if you’re looking to spend more time marketing your open positions. You can use it to post pay-per-click ads and then you can review your success and tweak future campaigns with custom reports about jobs and candidates.

Key features

  • Automated tools for emailing candidates and posting to job boards
  • Integration with PPC advertising platforms 
  • Customisable marketing including branded emails 
  • Applicant tracking system with digital signature storage 
  • Interview scheduler with calendar syncing  


JazzHR offers three packages ranging from $49 to $359 a month. The higher packages include interview tools, the applicant tracking system and all-access support, 

What users say 

“One of the major pros of JazzHR is its user-friendly interface. The dashboard is easy to navigate and provides a clear overview of the recruitment process, including job postings, applications, and candidate statuses,” Kavindu G., System Specialist. 


Breezy’s recruitment dashboard

Simplify your to-do list with Breezy’s recruitment dashboard. Source

Breezy is recruitment software you can use to eliminate repetitive tasks like uploading job posts and scheduling interviews. Its pre-screening solution, which assesses candidates before you do, is also a time-saver if you usually receive extensive numbers of applicants. 

In the platform, you can securely store employee data and assess candidates based on scorecards. You can also integrate Breezy with HRIS systems to manage documents like contracts.

Key features

  • Integrations with your site to pull through job postings
  • Automatic posting to job sites including niche job boards
  • Drag-and-drop candidate pipelines so you can stay up to date on recruitment status
  • A GDPR-friendly database where you can build out candidate profiles
  • Automated tools for pre-screening and meeting scheduling 


Breezy offers a free trial and packages that range between $157 and $439 a month. You pay more depending on how many candidates and positions you are working with. 

What users say 

“It reduces the amount of time required to upload, filter, categorise, and process each candidate manually. It helps us keep track of every prospect, regardless of whether or not they’re a good fit. When managing new employees and keeping track of all meetings, interviews, and other stages required is a problem, you might want to give this a shot,” Jessica D., Game Programmer.


Occupop’s recruitment dashboard

Easily view progress across several jobs inside Occupop. Source

Occupop was designed to be “beautifully simple recruitment software with no fluff.” So, its dashboard is streamlined, and you can use it to access features that cut the time involved with candidate sourcing and management. 

Occupop also allows you to use Boolean search to quickly sift through prospective employees. This means that inside the database, you can type in a string of code and search for candidates by education level, experience, location or skills. 

Key features

  • Job posting engine in which you can quickly select which boards to upload to 
  • Custom application forms that you can upload to your site
  • Team collaboration tools that allow team members to evaluate candidates 
  • A candidate database including tags to mark status information 
  • Interview scheduler with an integrated calendar 


Occupop provides three plans ranging from $3,860 a year to $11,088 a year. They also offer custom quotes for businesses looking for more support. 

What users say 

“It links very easily with our website and allows us to control all adverts in one place. This consistency also ensures that candidates complete the key questions, which further helps with shortlisting, saving significant time. It’s very user-friendly,” Lauren H., Regional HR Advisor.

Growing your team with the right recruitment software

As your team grows, managing all your recruitment tasks manually becomes increasingly unsustainable. 

For that reason, recruitment software is designed to reduce your hiring time and costs, make it easier to identify your preferred candidates, streamline their application experience and, in the case of HRLocker, optimise your onboarding processes, too. 

To get the best results from your recruitment software, you should look for a solution with the following features:

  • Job board and site integration
  • A centralised candidate database 
  • Integrated communications tools
  • Interview scheduling 
  • Video interviewing 
  • Onboarding automation

You should also look for a trusted partner like HRLocker that’s committed to providing attentive customer care with the insights and resources you need to get the most out of all your HR solutions. 

Save hours of work with HIRE
HRLocker’s end-to-end recruitment & onboarding solution comes with a range of HR solutions and award-winning customer support
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Frequently asked questions about recruitment software for small businesses

How do you build a recruitment system?

A recruitment system, or applicant tracking system, allows organisations to manage candidate information and identify top talent. 

To create successful processes for this, you should:

  • Find an effective way to market positions to a wide, relevant audience 
  • Find an efficient way to sift through CVs and mark candidate status 
  • Focus on communicating with candidates from interviewing through to onboarding
  • Securely store relevant candidate information
  • Implement recruitment and onboarding software 

How can a small business use recruitment software?

Small businesses can use recruitment software like HRLocker to streamline their hiring process and attract the best candidates. 

You can use recruitment software to post jobs, view key information, collaborate with hiring managers, speak to candidates, store data, automate email communication and onboard new hires. 

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