Agile Leadership, Diversity & Inclusion in HR

Agile Leadership, Diversity & Inclusion & HR in a new global landscape – Sherisa Rajah, Expandopedia. Today on the show we have Sherisa Rajah, Director of Global Employment Law and Compliance at Expandopedia. Sherisa talks to us about scaling the business in different countries, the benefit and pitfalls of setting up offices in different jurisdictions and the future of work now we have a global remote workforce. It’s a super podcast packed with great information, we certainly learned a thing or two!

About Sherisa

Sherisa is the Director of Global Employment Law and Compliance at Elements Global Services and Expandopedia.
She heads up the global employment law team at Elements Global Services and Expandopedia with a team of nine regional lawyers across the globe. Her team services organisations in strategy, advice, cradle to grave employee relations including terminations and negotiated exits. Sherisa has substantial experience in work councils, representation at tribunals and labour courts, collective bargaining, cross-border, transactional (TUPE and redundancies) and litigious employment law matters across the EMEA region particularly. She has practised at international firms, and for the duration of her 16 years in practice, has gained substantial experience in global employee relations with a book of multinational clients.

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