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2021 Employment Law in Ireland Updates

2021 Employment Law Ireland Updates with Derek McKay, Adare HRM. Today on the show we have Derek Mc Kay from Adare HRM who helps us get to grips with the new Employment law updates for Ireland in 2021.

He goes into great detail with our host Crystel Rynne about how the new updates will impact and affect HR in organisations across Ireland. They cover:

1. The right to request remote work

2. the right to disconnect

3. The real cost of the end of the PUP scheme

4. Health and safety policy for homeworkers

5. Sick pay a statutory payment

6. How has HR evolved in the last 12 months


About Derek McKay

Managing Director, Adare HRM

Derek McKay, BBS, Chartered MCIPD, is an experienced Human Resource and Employment Law practitioner who has worked extensively in the private, not-for-profit and public sectors.

Derek’s role involves overseeing the HR and Employment Law support services provided to clients across a wide range of sectors by the team of consultants within Adare Human Resource Management. Derek regularly speaks at seminars for companies and associations throughout the country on HR and Employment related topics and contributes to numerous publications in this area also.

Prior to setting up Adare Human Resource Management in 2003, Derek worked in the Human Resource Departments in a number of multinational organisations.

Derek is currently a member of the CIPD National Committee and a member of Workplace and Skills Taskforce with Chambers Ireland.

Contact Derek


About Adare Human Resource Management

Adare Human Resource Management is one of Ireland’s most trusted Employment Law, Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management consultancies.

Our focus is to go beyond simply presenting legislation and regulation; we interpret and provide recommendations and solutions to help your organisation prosper. Our team are leaders in the field of HR consultancy who offer strategic and practical advice to ensure HR is the enabler for real growth and change.

We see the reality that ‘people’ are the conduit that enables all strategy, organisational ambition and missions to come to life so, our purposes is to support our client’s success through their people. To achieve this, our main task is to help our clients navigate an increasingly complicated regulatory environment and act as a trusted guide to help their organisation evolve and prosper.

We realise time is one of our clients’ greatest constraints. Our clients trust that we have the right information and solutions-focused approach to allow them to focus on what is important – driving HR led transformation to help their people and organisation succeed.

If you would like to come on the show to talk about remote work, digital transformation, the future of work, or anything HR , Get in touch! We’d love to hear from you!

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