Designing Virtual & Hybrid Employee Experiences

Designing Virtual & Hybrid Employee Experiences – Sasha Wight, wrkflow

In the world of HR, people are the core of every organisation. Sasha talks to us about her role as an Employee Experience Designer and how she helps companies build positive HR and people Transformation initiatives. With people working from their front room, companies need to redesign their workplace to create a positive and productive workplace to keep their employees happy and engaged. Sasha breaks it down for us and gives us some great actionable steps to begin building an EX framework.

Sasha’s Bio

Sasha is the MD and Employee Experience lead at wrkflow, a digital employee experience design agency based in Singapore. Before relocating to Singapore from the UK, Sasha spent 10 years working in HR leadership and HR technology consulting roles with brands like Samsung, Capgemini and ServiceNow. Sasha recently led the ServiceNow alliance and Powered HR Transformation offering at KPMG for the ASPAC region before launching her own business in 2020. She’s a member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development, a HR Tech Advisor at HerCapital and holds an MBA from the University of Aberdeen.

Who are wrkflow?

wrfklow is a Singapore-based employee experience (EX) design agency, helping organisations redesign their employees’ experiences to create a more engaged, inspired and productive workforce. They specialise in digital experience design and transformation projects in HR technology design and deliver employee experience strategy and metrics. wrkflow is a boutique B2B services business focused on partnering with forward-thinking organisations, technology vendors and implementation partners across Asia-pacific.


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