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Staff Signing in System

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Are you recording who’s in the building with a staff signing in system?

Aside from timekeeping reasons, or record-keeping obligations to collect timesheets of hours worked, there are extra reasons to collect data on who is where using a staff signing in system

  • Building headcount, for example to account for employees with a mobile device roll call in case of emergency such as for fire safety precautions
  • A staff signing in system allows you to cross reference data from absence management systems with information on locations and hours worked.
  • To eliminate the need for physical signing in/out books and storage of these records.
  • Allow supervisors to get an at-a-glance view of who is or is not on the premises – including multiple sites or remote workers that are supposed to be at agree physical locations with known IP addresses. Obviously this depends on the organisation’s function and policy
  • Reduce abuse of physical key cards for ‘buddy punching‘.

In certain situations, such as manufacturing or areas with higher security levels required, there’s a need for something more robust, such as a biometric solution.

But for general use, clocking in and out using any device, from a smartphone to desktop, even a simple ‘You can only clock in from specific IP addresses‘ setting can deliver the data you need.

You don’t need an app for this either so device compatibility should not be an issue if the system is delivered via the browser on a truly responsive web app that scales to suit any device.

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