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Online Timesheet Tracking Software

HRLocker’s time tracking tool allows employees to enter the hours they’ve worked on a weekly basis and have them approved by a manager.

Free yourself from confusing spreadsheets and save time monitoring employee hours worked.

The easy-to-use HRLocker portal gives peace of mind by eliminating errors caused by clunky, outdated spreadsheet templates.

A perfect automated timesheet software system for small business operators.


  • Timesheets online for employees to easily self-serve and submit
  • Simple approval and archive process.
  • Track employee time on individual projects to ensure efficiency.

Track Time on Projects

You can track the time spent on individual projects in addition to the daily hours worked. A great way to gain and extra ‘slice’ of how working time is spent.

With accurate record-keeping, managers and business owners are able to make better resourcing decisions and to optimise the efficiency of their workforce – while meeting timekeeping compliance obligations.

From the Blog:

Communication is also enhanced with easy-to-access information for both employees and managers to see how their time can be best spent.


  • Create multiple projects and assign them to employees.


Unsubmitted Timesheets

Manage Timesheets Unsubmitted and Unapproved

Managers and employees can see the timesheets awaiting approval and unsubmitted to take appropriate action.

An online timesheet system saves space used by dated paper employee timekeeping processes, solves multi-site administrative issues and allows multiple managers to access hours worked and to view and automate time off requests and approvals.

Save time, reduce stress and let your management team be more productive and do what they do best with a smooth, automated online timesheet management system.


  • Handle employee timesheet actions in one location.
  • Monitor unsubmitted employee timesheets.
  • Track employee hours at-a-glance

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