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Online Timesheet Tracking Software

Timesheets are a great tool for remote working, letting your employees log their daily or weekly working hours online with no hassle. Set working times at office level (set the entire company or departments e.g.: 9 am-5 pm) or, individually tailor employees working hours.

We have 3 types of Timesheets

Honesty based timesheets – allow your employees to manually complete their hours.

Geolocation/GPS – allows employees to clock in and out from remote locations. This is often the most popular choice for remote workers. Geolocation will log your employee location so it’s a handy tool if you have workers off-site, visiting clients or working remotely from different offices.

IP address – This is most often used by employees that have a standing arrangement with their company to work at home for predefined days a week from a home office.

A perfect automated timesheet software system for small business operators.


  • Timesheets online for employees to easily self-serve and submit
  • Simple approval and archive process.
  • Track employee time on individual projects to ensure efficiency.
  • Perfect for managing remote working hours

HRLocker contact-free clock in & out app, available on tablet or mobile phone.

    For professional & premium customers, we offer a free, voice activated App, suitable for android tablet. It allows employees to clock in and out on site without touching shared surfaces. On clock in, it will automatically update employees’ timesheets directly in the HRLocker system, saving you time on employee admin.

    Help minimise the risk to your workplace while keeping in line with health and safety protocols. Keep your people healthy and protect your business from liability.

    Our Mobile App has a handy GPS tool, verifying your employees are in the right place, at the right time. You can always be assured that time records are correct and updated immediately.

    Track Time on Projects


    • Create multiple projects and assign them to employees.

    You can track the time spent on individual projects in addition to the daily hours worked. A great way to gain and extra ‘slice’ of how working time is spent.

    Don’t send long emails with lists of jobs, use Projects instead! When working remotely, it is easy to get bogged down when you don’t have a manager or teammate to bounce things off. Projects allow each manager to set tasks and projects to individuals or departments. Employees can set times against each project, which helps managers can see at a glance how much of their employees’ day is taken upon specific tasks. Projects also allow you to set up hourly rates per employee to set against projects, giving you a great insight into the value of each project. Your finance dept will love you!

    From the Blog:

    Communication is also enhanced with easy-to-access information for both employees and managers to see how their time can be best spent.


    Unsubmitted Timesheets

    Manage Timesheets Unsubmitted and Unapproved

    Managers and employees can see the timesheets awaiting approval and unsubmitted to take appropriate action.

    An online timesheet system saves space used by dated paper employee timekeeping processes, solves multi-site administrative issues and allows multiple managers to access hours worked and to view and automate time off requests and approvals.

    Save time, reduce stress and let your management team be more productive and do what they do best with a smooth, automated online timesheet management system.


    • Handle employee timesheet actions in one location.
    • Monitor unsubmitted employee timesheets.
    • Track employee hours at-a-glance

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