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Afraid of Using Cloud Systems When Managing People?

Companies when managing people are notorious for paperwork and with multiple employees and offices. This paperwork turns into mountains of paperwork! In most large organisations people are employed to manage this mountain. But, is it in today’s digital age the most efficient use of your employee’s time?

Most areas of business have embraced technology. Thus, why when it comes to people management do we continue to cling to this mountain of paperwork?

Cloud systems can automate people management, recruitment and all administration when it comes to managing people. But why are companies fearful of putting all their people management/HR systems into the cloud yet they embrace the cloud with their financials and online banking? People managers and HR Professionals need to learn to embrace the 21st century and learn to trust the cloud!


10 reasons People Managers and HR Professionals should embrace the Cloud

1. Holiday Pain

The management of holidays is a heavily timely and emotive issue, cloud HR systems make it easy across multiple sites and countries to ensure that there are never any mistakes.

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2. HR Compliance

A good HR cloud system will ensure compliance. No need to be fearful of losing timesheets or recording employees’ hours, the system will do it for you! Most cloud HR systems will even allow you to record and agree on outcomes of meetings and agree on contracts and documents by digital signatures.


3. Managing Training Records

Keeping track of training records is like juggling fire – when are certs out of date? Who needs what training and when and where?? A cloud system will do this for you!


4. Keeping Employees’ Records Up-to-Date

A good cloud system will have a self-service module. A self-service module is where an employee can update their own personal details without creating any administration work for HR. This up-to-date record-keeping helps with compliance and reduces administration.


5. Signing Documents

Most cloud systems will allow for documents to be signed digitally, no more running around getting wet signatures and courier costs, it should all be done through your cloud HR system. In most countries, the only documents that require wet signatories are death certs, marriage certs, wills and birth certs.

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6. Forgetting Important Dates

When you are managing employees there are a lot of dates to remember! Probation periods, the beginning of employment rights, employee appraisals, birthdays, salary and performance review dates. Your cloud HR system should look after this for you and notify you of all these dates.


7. Employee Reports

A cloud HR system works on the basis that what goes into the system can be taken out. Reporting should be easy with your cloud HR systems and basic functionality.


8. Privacy Concerns

People managers and HR people seem to be terrified of employees being able to see each other’s details and this seems to be the number one reason for the lack of trust in a cloud system. If a cloud HR company can provide you with evidence of its quality practices such as ISO 27001 certifications and accreditations, then this means that your records are safer in the cloud than sitting in your office.


9. It’s a Trust Thing…

I don’t trust the cloud with my employee’s details. Let me tell you, that you have been using cloud services for years with your online banking and sharing your bank details across cloud platforms. Unlike Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat you are not sharing your information with the public. Your HR cloud system should be storing your details on a recognised safe platform and should be able to demonstrate this. Most of the data centres are more secure than your office!

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10. High Costs and Lengthy Implementations

Cloud systems are starting to revolutionise the cost and implementation of legacy enterprise systems. With a cloud HR system, you are making a huge cost and time-saving. Gone are the days of spending three months implementing a system and spending thousands of dollars buying hardware. A cloud system set-up should be easy and quick with no need for hardware or infrastructure – the internet is all that is required. Setup should take no longer than 3 – 5 days. Cloud HR must cost a fortune. No, if you are paying any more than €30-40 per employee per year for a total HR and recruitment solution it’s too much.

Any professional company with more than 10 employees who are not using an HR cloud system needs to come into the light and embrace technology. Paper pushing is pushing your profits out the door!”

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