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How to Maximise Your HR Software’s Effect

We often enjoy discussions with customers about maximising the efficiency of their new HR Solution and how to get more out of it than the standard time on, time-off, holiday requests or timesheet functionality. Clients rightly want their team to have and know how to use the best tools to raise their output.

So, whether you’re a startup, or about to embrace sweeping organisation-wide change, what can you and your managers do to kickstart new policies and procedures and ensure workforce management tasks are streamlined and oriented to employee satisfaction and associated productivity?

HR can be seen as a set of Business Processes matched with specific organisational values. Or as People Management Needs and Solutions and Hiring and Communicating with Company Culture. So, your chosen software can help with the processes and automation side. It can even aid with culture and behavioural policies and which order to deploy them.


Solution and Policy Steps

1. Implement HR software.  (Can be up and running in a matter of hours with a cloud solution.)

2. Establish ‘Top-Down’ buy-in and communication of brand values

3. Establish your behavioural framework. We recommend hiring on those values and behaviours and sharing and embracing diverse character sets using tools such as Insights self-awareness/team-member styles psychometric tools

4. Hire collaboratively to culture and cost-efficiently with an Applicant Tracking System

5. Train everyone in the company involved in the recruitment process on how to hire and interview using your selected behaviours.

6. Establish your career path structure. (Remember offering management as the only route for advancement has limitations.)

7. Train your People Managers how to manage using your specific objectives, behaviours and goal setting and measurement (EPE / PMS). Educate your team on how to capture training needs – Continuing Professional Development (CPD) – and provide feedback to direct reports

8. Implement Employee Performance Engagement (EPE), also known as performance management System (PMS)

By encouraging employee self-service and facilitating the chance for workers to submit their own CPD plans you put the onus and initiative onto your team  – not your managers – and will see increased levels of engagement, satisfaction and ultimately productivity.

How to Maximise Your HR Software’s Effect was last modified: March 4th, 2024 by Adam Coleman

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