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6 Best HR Software Solutions for Accountants

Manually overseeing productivity, time off and compliance is time-consuming work that’s prone to inefficiencies and error. But with an automated HR system in place, you’ll have fewer mundane tasks to manage, and can instead focus on ensuring a positive working environment for your team.

For this reason, the best HR software centralises key processes and stores employee data in one place. Within that platform, you’ll be able to give employees their own self-service portal to manage personal information, certificates and requests; oversee training and development; and manage recruitment and onboarding. 

In this article, we look at the top HR tools for accountants, explain how they streamline your HR processes and include user insights into why they’re such powerful tools.

Have more time to focus on people and productivity with an all-in-one HR solution that’s trusted by over 30,000 users. Book a free demo.

Key features of HR software for accountants

Here are the key areas you should look at in an all-in-one HR software solution and what we focus on in our recommended tools.

Centralisation and compliance    

If you’re navigating between systems for storing information, managing absences and overseeing projects, you can lose time and data.  So you should look for GDPR-compliant centralised solutions where you can access professional certificates, manage training documents and complete all your daily HR tasks. 

Timesheet functionality  

When you’re managing HR for a busy team of accountants, you need a reliable, efficient way to accurately track billable hours. So look for versatile timesheet solutions that allow you to easily track working hours across hybrid teams.

Absence management 

Manually tracking absence is time-consuming work that can lead to burnout. For this reason, look to automated and self-service tools with leave management solutions. 

Recruitment and onboarding

You need tools that can streamline the recruitment process, including job posting, managing applications, interviewing candidates and onboarding new hires. 

Performance review

You should explore customisable solutions for building performance appraisals and creating your own performance metrics.   

Project management 

The best HR software also allows you to track project status, assign tasks and integrate this with individuals’ timesheets.

Support quality 

Fantastic customer care is essential to the successful deployment of new digital processes and their continued efficiency as you scale operations. So look carefully at the quality of support offered by any platform you consider. 

6 Best HR software tools for accountants

Here are our top recommendations for HR software for accountants. You’ll find user reviews, pricing information and key features aligned with the criteria we looked at above. 

1. HRLocker

HRLocker is a cloud-based, all-in-one HR solution where you can manage employee data, monitor work across projects, and manage documents and digital signatures. Also, its user-friendly platform makes it easy to set up automated workflows that save you time and keep to your compliance requirements.

For example, HRLocker’s self-service portal takes mundane tasks off your to-do list and gives employees more control over their workplace experience. And GPS tracking in the employee mobile app makes logging and reporting remote billable hours fast and simple. 

Also, HRLocker includes HIRE, its end-to-end solution to recruitment and onboarding. Here, you can manage job postings across multiple channels, consolidate applications into one place, conduct interviews, and streamline your onboarding processes.

HRLocker provides superb customer support that includes onboarding specialists and an award-winning customer success team. You’ll also have access to a wealth of professional learning resources, including webinars, podcasts and how-to videos.

HRLocker’s timesheet solution

View timesheets by employee or by project inside HRLocker.

Key features

  • A time-tracking solution so you can easily track billable hours by project and monitor employee hours with GPS tracking
  • An intuitive mobile app where employees can log their hours on the go and request time off
  • A project management tool which ensures projects stay on track by helping you assign tasks to employees and giving visibility over workload
  • A GDPR-friendly database where you can securely store training certification, quickly share documents and ask for signatures when needed
  • Performance management software which you can use to build appraisals from start to finish and employees can use to track their reviews
  • An end-to-end recruitment solution in which you can create job posts, interview and onboard candidates in one location 
  • Absence management tools that make it easy for you to track and approve sick leave
  • Compliance management solutions that simplify processes for timesheets, holiday, sick leave and data protection
  • An award-winning support team that helps you through onboarding and beyond 


HRLocker PlanWho’s it suited for?Pricing
FreemiumAny HR team up to 4 usersFree
HR EssentialsTeams with 15+ employees  €4/£3.50/$5
HR ProfessionalAll the basics covered plus clock-in/out, CPD, TOIL and more€6/ £5.50/$7
HR EnterpriseTeams of 250+ employeesTailored quote

Find out more: Calculate how much you could save by using a centralised HR solution. Our ROI tool looks at how much it’s costing you to manually process timesheets, approve time off requests and handle other key processes. 

What users say

“The system has transformed how we manage our small team of staff. Time off is easily recorded now and the ability to produce reports if needed is superb,” Diarmuid C., Managing Director. 

“HRLocker has some great features but one that I have to call out is their customer support. There is always someone available to help when it’s needed and they have all gone above and beyond to help us at Spearline,” Lorraine M., Chief People & Culture Officer.

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2. Workday

Workday are a large financial and human capital management company that are well suited to large accountancy firms that need support with procurement and financial management as well as HR tasks.

Screenshot of Workday’s financial management solution

View operational analysis alongside HR tasks inside Workday’s dashboard.

What users say

“The software has an extremely user-friendly interface which makes it easy to summarise information,” Joshua L., HR Manager.

Key features

  • A time-sheet solution where employees can clock in and out and you can quickly view time off data
  • A leave management solution that, like HRLocker’s self-service portal, includes requests and automatic approval functionality where necessary 
  • A payroll hub that includes automatically updated information for payroll processing
  • An onboarding tool where you can send employees key information and introduce them to the team
  • An anonymous performance management tool where you can request reviews from several team members at once


Workday doesn’t publish prices on its site. Instead, you have to get in touch with the sales team and they will call you and then send over a tailored quote.

3. Bob

Bob is a global HR platform by HiBob, created to help large organisations keep a focus on individual people. As a result, it includes user-friendly solutions for time-tracking, requesting holiday and onboarding. Employees can use the solution to keep up to date on company info and HR managers can view the people directory and easily get an overview of who is working each day.

Screenshot of Bob’s time off request app

Bob’s calendar gives you an instant view of who is off when.

What users say

“Teams in different companies or even different states have very different needs, and Bob lets our HR team build processes that are conditioned on employee demographics,” Gretchen S, HR Manager.

Key features

  • A time-sheet solution where employees can clock in and out and you can quickly view time off data
  • A leave management solution that, like HRLocker’s self-service solution, lets employees manage their time-off requests
  • A payroll hub that includes automatically updated information for payroll processing
  • An onboarding tool where you can send employees key information and introduce them to the team
  • An anonymous performance management tool where you can request reviews from several team members at once


Bob doesn’t share pricing information on its site, but you can get a custom quote by filling in their online form.

4. ADP

ADP provide a complete solution for managing payroll, time-tracking and understanding compliance. As well as software, they offer HR services including hiring, engagement and payroll, and are therefore a good choice for over-extended teams.

Screenshot of ADP’s payroll app

Employees can easily understand their take-home pay with ADP’s payroll solution.

What users say

“The webinars and continuous learning opportunities for the user are great. Laws and compliances are changing so quickly that it is hard for someone in the trenches to keep up. They make staying current easy,” Claudia H, HR Manager.

Key features

  • A payroll solution with fast processing and a service that allows you to access payroll professionals 24/7
  • A time-tracking tool with an app for employees to log hours and for you to approve time off requests
  • A recruitment tool that allows you to post jobs, interview candidates and connect new hires to their team members 
  • A compliance solution with resources to help you stay on top of payroll tax and remittance laws
  • A benefits program creator with perks such as health insurance to help you attract and retain top talent


ADP offer four packages, but to get pricing information for these you’ll have to fill in their online form. 

5. Rippling

Rippling is a data-driven HR software that provides advanced insights about headcount and budgeting alongside time-tracking and payroll. As with HRLocker, if you’re managing multiple projects or need to hire large numbers of people, this could be a good solution for you.

Screenshot of Rippling’s headcount software

You can plug gaps in large workforces more quickly with Rippling.

What users say

“What I like most: ease of use. I came into my new position without any experience with Rippling and I was able to figure out reporting and many of the basic functions very quickly,” Sue W., VP of Human Resources.

Key features

  • A payroll tool with automatic tax deduction, an app for employees to view payslips and request holiday and support for global payments
  • A time-tracking solution that allows employees to clock in and out and you to get an instant view of costs per project
  • A recruitment tool where you can post to job boards, interview candidates, run background checks, upload training documents and send benefits packages for new hires
  • A headcount tool where you can view how many team members (including new hires) you have on a project and auto-fill empty spots with new hires 
  • Employee surveys with data analytics to investigate levels of employee satisfaction


Access to Rippling starts at £7 a month per user, but packages are tailored to each client so you would need to reach out to get a quote. 

6. Calamari

If you’re looking for a simple, affordable time-tracking solution, Calamari could be an option for you. This clock-in/out and leave management tool has been designed for small businesses with fewer software needs and more limited budgets.

Screenshot of Calamari’s time-tracking solution

Easily view billable hours in Calamari’s simple interface.

What users say

“It is very simple to request time off, to approve requests, and to track coverage on any given day. The time clock is extremely simple to use, but also offers plenty of features.” Noah B., Operations Manager


Calamari offers three packages that cost between $1.30 and $2.00 per month per employee. One of these packages contains features, such as onboarding and a people directory, which are soon to be released. 

Key features

  • A clock in/out tool that integrates with Bluetooth software to verify your employees’ location 
  • An app where your employees can track time on the go
  • A leave management solution where you can approve and track absences and set up time off policies to stay compliant 

Reducing your workload with a centralised HR solution 

Managing large amounts of data and organising accountants with differing work patterns can take you away from engaging employees and optimising productivity across projects. That’s why you need a centralised HR solution that brings all your tasks into one platform. 

In a centralised location, HRLocker allows you to:

  • Automate compliance management 
  • Gain access to a single source of truth for your data 
  • Reduce mundane tasks with automation and employee self-service
  • Give your accountants more control over their employee experience with a user-friendly app
  • Gain more visibility over projects, performance and budget with time-tracking and reporting
  • Attract top talent with a streamlined recruitment solution 

You’ll also have access to an award-winning customer support team and a dedicated Implementation Specialist.

Get more time to focus on people and productivity with an all-in-one HR solution that’s trusted by over 30,000 users. Book a free demo.

Frequently asked questions about HR software for accountants

What is the primary function of HR software for accountancy firms?

HR software is primarily used at accountancy firms to store data. By using a solution with a self-service portal, such as HRLocker, employees can upload professional certificates and training documentation and companies can easily meet compliance requirements. 

These solutions will usually also include tools to manage projects alongside monitoring employee hours. With HRLocker, this includes self-service time-tracking and automated leave calculation. 

Why would someone use HR software?

HR software handles manual tasks which frees up teams to focus on ensuring a great employee experience. For example, with HRLocker’s self-service app, employees can log hours, request holiday and upload training documents in one place. This means you can easily view timesheets and meet compliance requirements more easily and accurately.  

You can also use HR software to handle recruitment, project management, performance reviews and payroll management. And the right solution will bring all of these functions inside one system to save you even more time. 

What’s the best tool for centralising employee data?

Over 30,000 users worldwide trust HRLocker to centralise employee data. Not only can it securely store unlimited amounts of information, but it helps you save time with a self-service portal for employees to manage their personal information, training, and time off.

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