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5 Best HR Software Solutions for UK Startups

As your startup grows, storing employee data in one platform, managing timesheets in a separate tool and overseeing recruitment in another just isn’t sustainable. You’re losing time navigating between systems and trying to apply outdated processes to new issues when you could be supporting employees and improving productivity.

But with the best HR software, you can centralise key employee data and automate processes for efficiency, accuracy and ease. But finding a platform that accommodates your needs as you scale operations is another time-consuming challenge.

That’s why, in this article, we list the best HR software for startups in the UK. As well as looking at what features and qualities to look for in your HR solution, we discuss an all-in-one HR platform that comes with award-winning customer care (yes, it’s ours!).

By exploring our insights and recommendations, you’ll see how automation and self-service tools can improve the employee experience as they also reduce your workload.

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Support Your People and Save Time as You Scale with an All-in-One HR Solution That’s Trusted by Over 55,000 Users

The Key Considerations Behind Our HR Software Recommendations

To oversee a range of projects, optimise efficiency and hire and retain employees within budget, you need user-friendly solutions that grow with your needs. So the HR software you implement should:

  • Centralise key information such as employee data, certifications and digital signatures within a platform and as part of a set of processes that are GDPR-compliant
  • Automate processes like time-tracking and performance reviews so you have a scalable solution in place for essential daily tasks
  • Provide a self-service portal where employees can request leave, manage documentation and update personal details
  • Be intuitively simple to use, have a fantastic customer success team and share a range of professional learning materials

Find the right cultural fit

The most successful relationships aren’t just about features, UI and compliance; you need to share core values with the teams and individuals you’ll be relying on to be responsive to your challenges, provide key insights when you need them and support as you request it.

At HRLocker, our core values include initiative, integrity and making a positive impact, so, equally, the platforms we recommend are built for the challenges you face – which is why this list includes solutions that facilitate positive workplace cultures, employee engagement and increased productivity.

Best HR Software for Startups

Here you’ll find more information about HRLocker, as well as all our top recommendations for a centralised HR solution. We include reviews, pricing information and key features aligned with the criteria discussed above.


HRLocker is an all-in-one HR solution created by HR professionals for HR professionals. While HRLocker is used in over 55 countries with 36500+ active users from a wide range of industries and business types, startups mostly choose it because of its centralised database, automated processes, scalability, dedicated support and company values.

At its heart, HRLocker operates as a meritocracy — a transparent culture where ideas are shared freely and initiative is rewarded. This has created a platform that’s continually developing, values extreme accountability and is a trustworthy partner at implementation and beyond.

HRLocker is also committed to maintaining and promoting ethical standards and creating a positive impact. And as an Exponential Organisation, they have a Massive Transformative Purpose (MTP) to guide them. This is to ‘make life and work easier for both employees and employers.’

HRLocker Time On Screen

What makes it special 

HRLocker has an award-winning customer success team that includes Implementation Specialists. Together, they focus on delivering a frictionless onboarding process and provide ongoing support with dedicated customer care agents.

When you join, you’ll have access to a wealth of resources including webinars, podcasts, how-tos and template policies for key HR topics like compliance, sick leave and the gender pay gap.

HRLocker’s self-service portal and mobile app play an important role in its scalability as a solution, as do its automations and streamlined workflows for areas like PTO approvals, TOIL and payroll exports.

Access a free employee handbook to streamline information handover and encourage employee accountability. This is just one of HRLocker’s fantastic digital resources.

Employee Handbook Template

Features you’ll love

  • Simplify time-tracking by allowing employees to log their own hours in-app and verifying remote work with GPS tracking
  • Create a great employee experience with a mobile app where individuals can request time off, manage training programmes and more
  • Centralise your recruitment process with HIRE, where you can create job posts, interview and onboard candidates
  • Reduce stress around compliance with streamlined processes for timesheets, holiday, sick leave and data protection


HRLocker PlanWho’s it suited for?Pricing
FreemiumTeams with up to 4 users to help your business growFree for 6 months
HR EssentialsTeams with 15+ employees, To manage day-to-day HR operations & tasks€4/£3.50/$5
HR ProfessionalTeams with 15+ employees, managing your hybrid or remote team€6/ £5.50/$7
HR EnterpriseTeams of 250+ employees looking for flexible HR solutionsTailored quote

User experience 

“HRLocker is an excellent tool. It’s used daily in our company by each employee. It’s a safe place for us to store our policies and procedures so that they can be signed and reviewed over and over again when required. HRLocker has some great features but one that I have to call out is their customer support. There is always someone available to help when it’s needed.”Lorraine C., People & Culture Officer.


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Support Your People and Save Time as You Scale with an All-in-One HR Solution That’s Trusted by Over 55,000 Users

Access People HR 

Access People HR is a cloud-based human resources management system (HRMS) that 

was established in 1991. Initially founded as a provider of software solutions for the UK, Access People HR has since expanded to serve clients in over 50 countries.

Because it’s intended to be a simple, scalable solution, Access People HR is well-suited to startups. In one place, you can review headcount against tracked hours and plan for how many team members you’ll need for new projects.

Screenshot of Access People HR

View key metrics at a glance in Access People HR’s dashboard. Source

Key features

  • A people-planning function to manage headcount
  • Centralised recruitment and onboarding including integrated document checking
  • A database where you can easily store employee information
  • Reports on metrics such as turnover costs, holiday planning and demographics


Access People HR offers a free trial. Then it has three plans at £5 per employee per month, £7 per employee per month and £9 per employee per month.

User experience 

“They take on board the feedback from users and are pushing out really good updates… I can’t fault the customer service, who have always come back to me whenever I have had an issue,” Kirsty K., HR Manager.

Breezy HR 

Breezy HR was created in 2014 when the founders recognised the need for a more streamlined and modern approach to recruitment. From its candidate-friendly applicant tracking system (ATS) to its intuitive dashboards that show you the status of every jobseeker, it has a range of features to support you throughout the hiring process.

Like HRLocker’s recruitment and onboarding solution, Breezy HR works to centralise important details. You can cut the work involved with growing your team by including all candidate data in one location.

Screenshot of Breezy HR’s dashboard

Group candidates by recruitment stage inside Breezy HR. Source

Key features

  • A candidate management dashboard that brings together key information
  • Customisable career site builder
  • Integrations with over 50 job boards
  • Background checks and reports to help you stay compliant
  • A video interview platform for remote workers


Breezy HR provides a free plan that includes basic hiring tools. For organisations looking for background screening and more advanced applicant tracking features, plans range between $157 and $529 per month.

User experience 

“Being able to have a one-stop shop for posting a position and tracking applicants is wonderful. Having one place to go to make notes, text/email a candidate, and to track the applicant process is amazing,” Andi W., Supervisor.

Breathe HR

Established in 2012, Breathe HR was founded to help companies drive employee engagement and reduce time spent on HR processes. As such, it offers automated tools and an extensive range of solutions for employee well-being. This includes a hub of resources to help people with stress management and mental health.

The platform’s intuitive user interface and customisable features make it easy for startups to set up and use, even with limited HR expertise.

Screenshot of Breathe HR’s dashboard

View your imminent tasks easily inside Breathe HR. Source

Key features

  • Cloud-based data storage for employee data
  • Recruitment software with applicant tracking
  • Absence management solution which your employees can use to request time off
  • Appraisals software to easily track employee performance and give recognition
  • Reporting on absences, time-tracking and finances


Breathe HR offers six packages which start at £13/month and increase depending on which features you need access to. You pay more for HR support, additional users and recruitment functionality.

User experience 

“Providing our team with a self-service HR dashboard has helped us to stand out as a modern employer, whilst at the same time driving increased efficiency and ensuring a more up-to-date, tighter controlled HR database,” Dan M., Commercial Director.

Bamboo HR

Bamboo HR was founded in 2008 with the aim of automating tedious HR tasks to allow teams to focus on supporting employees. In its easy interface, users can manage PTO, time-tracking and talent management with less manual work.

The HR platform also includes an employee well-being tool which allows team members to share how they feel about their work and organisational culture. This helps you to address startup burnout before it impacts employee mental health or productivity.

Screenshot of the Bamboo HR dashboard

Centralise each employee’s data in Bamboo HR. Source

Key features

  • GDPR-friendly employee database
  • Applicant tracking system and onboarding tools
  • Time-tracking system that allows employees to clock in and out and calculates PTO
  • Performance management where you can give recognition to employee strengths
  • An app that gives administrators and employees access to most of the functionality accessible from a desktop browser


BambooHR doesn’t publish pricing information on its site. Instead, you have to get in touch with the sales team for a quote.

User experience 

“BambooHR is very user-friendly. It has a clean layout and can be customised based on the needs of the organisation. The overall site is easy to navigate and has the tabs that I need to manage employee data,” Kylie Z., HR Officer.

HR Software that Grows with Your HR Team

HR software replaces the mountains of spreadsheets that start to pile up as your startup scales. And between self-service solutions for time-tracking and automated workflows for recruitment, you’ll gain the time back you need to focus on your employees.

But there’s no point in having great HR management software if it takes weeks for you and your team members to understand it. And that’s why you need a solution like HRLocker, whose platform and mobile app are intuitively simple to use, and who provide award-winning customer support.

When you use our platform, you not only centralise your HR data and processes but gain access to a single source of truth that all the team can access. Our UK and Ireland-based team are passionate about providing you with all the tools you need to reduce your workload and enhance employee engagement as your company grows.

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Support Your People and Save Time as You Scale with an All-in-One HR Solution That’s Trusted by Over 55,000 Users


Frequently Asked Questions about HR Software for UK Startups

What are the benefits of HR software for startups?

HR software solutions allow startups to save time as they manage projects, oversee recruitment, hold performance reviews and track employee hours. By automating the processes involved and centralising key data, they reduce manual work, make compliance less stressful and give you time to focus on engagement and productivity.

What are the most important factors to consider when choosing HR software?

To stay on top of compliance, oversee projects and manage employees with varying hours as you scale operations, you need an HR solution that centralises key processes and employee information. Your HR software should automate manual tasks, be GDPR-friendly and give employees a self-service portal.

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