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HRLocker Helps Construction Companies to Build Their Business

Housing, the lack of and need for new stock are all we seem to be hearing about in the media these days.

Have a trek about many towns and cities and cranes are peppering the horizon. Ireland is building again and with demand getting stronger every day construction companies need to be prepared to build not only buildings but also build up their workforce or human capital. Our software, HRLocker, is here to help!


How Can HRLocker Help Your Construction Company?

HRLocker can help your business by automating the tracking of training, timekeeping and holidays we can make running your company easier. HRLocker allows you to free up wasted time that would be spent chasing papers about the office or site.

One of the key tenets of the Construction Industry Register Ireland (CIRI) is to have a focus on Continuous Professional Development or CPD. Our software has everything you need to create, maintain and keep track of employee CPD and comes as part of our Professional, Premium & Premium Plus plans.

HRLocker, when used effectively, allows companies to be CIRI compliant and produce the reports required about how CPD is going within the organisation.

two construction workers with a tablet talking


Recruitment and Onboarding problems?

Let’s face it, the construction industry needs more manpower. This means that companies that don’t engage with and treat employees in a way that makes them feel valued stand to lose out.

When labour holds the cards they can pick and choose which jobs and roles they want. If a company wants to recruit in a competitive field it is essential to take on an Applicant Tracking System such as our Recruitment Tracking Software HIRELocker.

HIRELocker will change the way you recruit. We are trying to take some of the pain out of the recruitment process by making the creation and sharing of job posts to multiple job boards easy. HIRELocker also allows for the screening and evaluating of applicants, and once you have chosen a candidate it even on-boards your new hire right into HRLocker.


Once you have someone hired it is essential to keep them on board. Recruitment may take time and effort, but it is once the employee is in the door that needs to be considered and worked on.

With the current skills shortage in Irish construction that was the result of so many of our skilled construction workers fleeing abroad during the recent recession, there is a need for proactive companies to keep staff happy by maintaining a good relationship with employees.

One approach is to offer regular training and support and allow employees to grow and move forward. A tried and tested approach is the use of an organised and concentrated performance review process. By having an ongoing conversation with employees, company management can keep and retain key staff, if you make people feel valued they are more likely to stay and be loyal to your company.


Performance Management and Employee Engagement

We are currently working on our newest HRLocker feature which we are toying with calling Real-Time Review (RTR). RTR will enable companies to automate their performance management and engage with employees regularly in a transparent and organised way.

The best thing is, that our RTR system is cloud-based so the performance review process can be done where suits. For construction, this can be anywhere from a site on the M50 to the company headquarters. RTR is also fully responsive on a laptop tablet or phone.

Worker in warehouse with a tablet

RTR schedules, reviews and allows managers to document these meet-ups in an easy and pain-free way. RTR also has the employees contribute by giving feedback. Employee feedback is essential to spotting unhappy and disengaged employees allowing management to step in and possibly stop unhappy employees from leaving.

We believe that performance management is changing, by making a system that is open and transparent it can become something positive while also keeping you GDPR compliant.

As we start building again the pressure is on for companies to recruit and train staff that will help to keep the momentum going. HRLocker can guide your company through the whole process of recruiting, onboarding and most importantly retaining employees.

Gone are the days of the Irish Ghost Estate, hopefully, we will never see their like again!

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