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People Management Needs and Solutions

HR problems are essentially business challenges that require solutions like any other area of commercial productivity.

And HR software providers should deliver a full range of management/human resource systems and training support services to their customers to arm your team to move forward.

This belief isn’t just based on being an HR consultant (or the vendor of an HR software Solution). But as a business leader of an emerging company striving for further growth, just as our customers are.


Keep it Simple!

These Solutions should be developed with the aim of increasing business performance through identifying key business goals across the organisation – and then providing the tools and structures to fully implement this step up in output.

In Employee Management Software terms, we believe the priority is to empower managers to be better leaders and to provide a mechanism for consistent communication across the organisation. To keep things simple.


People Management skills should exist in all departments beyond HR. Where you have shortfalls, facilitate training.

Most companies would admit that their greatest asset is their people. What these organisations therefore need is a full People Management system that makes managing and recruiting people easier, paperless and affordable.


Clients most common points

How can we?


1. Attract the right/best people to fill vacancies
2. Select the right candidates
3. Make Managers responsible for managing people
4. Recruit in line with company culture – be consistent and fair.
5. Ensure shareholders, managers and employees are aligned with the wider organisational strategy
6. Reduce administration time and costs around managing people
7. Know if our need is for a fancy HR consultant/department/full-time managerial resource or not


The right solution and processes can make all of these and more a reality. But we believe that you have to keep expectation levels realistic.

We believe that launching a program is a journey. There is no magic ‘silver bullet’.

The alternative might be to hire a full-time, experienced HR Management Resource that will probably cost you €70,000-plus a year.


For many small businesses, we believe this isn’t the answer at this stage of a growing organisation’s development. Plus that full-time resource will likely request you install an HR solution.


What HR Software Solutions should provide

1. Manage holidays and absences
2. Maintain Employee data (through employee self-service)
3. Administrate all documents that need to be sent, signed and accessed in the future
4. Attain great engagement with your employees – and record those engagements
5. Disseminate important documents and messages
6. Post, manage, hire and onboard new hires easily and more affordably.


We also believe strongly that the key to aligning strategy and purpose and People Management is to have a consistent brand story.

The system you choose will allow you to manage and communicate this culture and messaging to all stakeholders on a regular & scheduled basis. And in how and why you hire them.

You can argue that this is more of a marketing than an HR initiative. Nevertheless, involve all departments on the specific aspects of this story and your organisation’s wider values to get the vital buy-in required. Basically, it comes down to leadership.

Then incorporate the relevant content into the employee journey at every opportunity.

From advertising on job boards, careers pages, industry-specific blog posts etc., all the way through an employee’s progression and beyond any exit.

If you can make available the knowledge and systems and values that your managers need to make their people more productive and content in their roles, you’ll solve all of the common problems above – and more.

People Management Needs and Solutions was last modified: September 27th, 2023 by Adam Coleman

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