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Time Off in Lieu (TOIL) & Remote Work – Achieve Harmony

So many of our ‘standard practices have had to change since Covid-19 dictated that we are to work remotely. If we can, that is. A lot of questions arise around the day-to-day running of the business, each office, each department, and in turn each employee.


Time Off in Lieu

A major concern is that TOIL (Time off in Lieu) will fall by the wayside now that we are working remotely. I don’t know about you, but I seem to organically fill my commuting time with work – which in turn does increase my productivity output levels, but this extra work will not be accounted for unless, well…. Accounted for!


The Remote Time Off In Lieu Issue

A popular question we are getting at the moment is “What about Time Off in Lieu? How do we calculate this for people working remotely or dual working? Usually, when they are in the office you can see your employees clocking out after hours and it’s very clear to us when they leave and if they have worked overtime. Their clock-in cards reflect the same.

Take a day off in lieu of work hours


Achieve Time Off In Lieu for Remote/Dual Workers

Just like a physical location, your employees are measured against their contracted hours. This is something that you need to replicate digitally. Your employees need to be able to log their time against a set number of hours that you have defined. The trick to doing it remotely is the mechanism through which you allow it.



Simply define each office’s working hours and then allow your team to manually fill in timesheets or clock in and out to automatically detect a surplus in hours. This surplus in hours is then allocated as time in lieu (after manager approval). Full reporting accompanies HRLockers Time Off in Lieu functionality – you know us too well!

Check out how to record TOIL through timesheets


Execute to Win

Keep teams happy in the knowledge that when they work overtime, whether remote/dual working or in the office, it is accounted for, and they will be awarded that time off in return. During these times of great change, keeping your team’s concerns consistently in order can yield great confidence and productivity for the challenges ahead.

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