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Our Timesheet Software reduces administration and costs. It allows your employees to record their working hours in the Cloud with our smart online timesheet system. Benefits • Our time tracking tool allows employees to enter their weekly hours and then gets sent to their manager for approval

Say goodbye to spreadsheets! Save time monitoring employee hours worked by using our simple reporting tool • Our online timesheets allows employees to easily self-serve and submit their hours Simple approval and archive process for managers. Easily monitor employee time on individual projects to help with sprint planning.

You can track the time spent on individual projects in addition to the daily hours worked. A great way to gain and extra ‘slice’ of how working time is spent. • With accurate record-keeping, managers and business owners are able to make better resourcing decisions and to optimise the efficiency of their workforce – while meeting timekeeping compliance obligations. HRLocker enables companies to streamline their people management & recruitment processes.

HRLocker is the best HR product suite for SME’s. Our system has lots of features like timesheets, holiday & absence management, training development, employee data, performance reviews & recruitment modules. We service many sectors, professional services, tech, not for profits and construction companies with anywhere between 5 – 500+ employees. HRLocker is easy to set up, easy to use and can go live in less than 24 hours. We have excellent customer support and provide a free 14-day trial at

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